Saturday, December 29, 2012

Experiment 101 : The Magnificent Coke!!

just a quick update to make my blog alive!hehe

had been curious all these while after listening lots of ppl say how coke can actually clean a toilet bowl (bt cleaning i mean REAL clean.. ok? )

they even have you tube videos and so on.. bt this never stop me from questioning myself.. 

sure a not? gt so pro meh?? can clean til lidat.. they sure gt do smth or mix smth to the drink wan.. if cn clean til lidat means the drink sure very gai to our stomach liao lo?? if so teruk..government where cn let them sell o? rite rite rite??

so..after tahan-ing the curiousity for years.. finally we had decided to try it out! xD

MISSION :  to clean the basin in the toilet with only a bottle of coke + a brush to scrub it!


so.. now let us see the condition of the basin before the mission start alrite? 
( please do not scroll down if you are eating.. later you puke i dunu a.. )




the bacteria-ful of basin! LOL




so.. do u tink coke can do the job? xD

come on.. place your bet here..hahaha

and the answer is....


the end result!! clean anot??  you say la! @@

 and the best part is.. you dun rely have to scrub it! the dirt will come off itself! all you nid to do is.. just pour the coke on the basin.. the you will see some immediate chemical reaction thing happen (like the ones we always see in lab kind) then after that just use the bus to wipe the dirt off! that simple!!

its even more simple that using a bottle of detergent! use detergent sumore nid to wait for few minutes den nid scrub and all.. this one, so simple! OMG!

incase.. you stil dun believe it yet.. let me show you a compiled version!

the one on the left is my friend, calvin. he is the one conducting the experiment actually..haha bt im the photographer! xD

anyway, after seeing all this things, dont you find coke magnificent?? its a drink and yet a cleaning agent!! hola~ 2 in 1..

p/s: sometimes i always wonder, if i wana cleanse my stomach.. cn i just drink a bottle den jump up and down to spread the drink thoroughly in my stomach.. then drink mayb another cup of plain water? wont my tummy be clean and free from bacteria already? xDD

Monday, December 24, 2012

capturing nature with Nikon D3100 (part 1)

wow! so fast 14 weeks has ended.. and its once again study week! ><

i'll be away studying hard to score my please excuse me for my lack of updates..meanwhile i'll be sharing with you all here some of the photos snapped during photography class this semester..

actually these are the final photos picked and printed for my logbook..

so here you go!



birds of paradise! taken near Menara Taming Sari, Melaka




some random flower near the legendary stadhuy's building..

 this flower attracted my attention because every single leaf near the flower is rotten with all the brown spots and hole!! so unique! i've never came across a plant will all rotten leaves and yet the flower blow prettily!! xD




some waterproof leaves that grew beside the waterfall in botanical garden, melaka.. :)



orchids during orchid exhibition at botanical garden, melaka!

so..after looking at the 4 photos.. wat do u think about my photography skill?

 like it?

if yes, please stay tuned for more photos~ will upload more! xD

 btw, if u hav any advise on how i can improve my photography skill, please feel free to comment below, alrite? :)



Saturday, December 1, 2012

how to : keep your leafy vegetable fresh for 1 whole week in the fridge

so i bet many of you (if u r a kitchen person) would have face this problem whereby ur vege in da fridge wilt like there's no tomorrow way before you could even manage to eat it.. rite??

same goes here.. ><

in uni, v usually only do marketing once a week (saturday). so we had no choice but to stock up our food supply for the whole on dat day. however, we often face this problem where by by wednesday, our vege in da fridge already turned in zombie!!!

and we ended throwing almost half of da vege we bought EVERY WEEK!! wat a waste rite??? O.O

BUT! worry no more! as im here today to share some tips with you on how to keep them fresh even after 1 week living in da fridge! hehe

see! you know wats is dis anot??

yes, correct! is da bag used to keep your cereals (eg. koko krunch) when u bought it! 

so..wat does dat have to do with keeping my vege fresh you would say... dun tell me you wana me to put my vege with the koko krunch meh?? @@

yes! correct! put your vege dere! bt not with your koko krunch pls... ==

so..everytime u finish eating your cereal, dont throw the bag away!!! they are precious~~ xD

just dump your vege in the bag den mayb get a rubber band to tie the other end.

ya! dats it! just dat simple~ and by doing so your vege will have a longer life! 

lettuce after 1 week! believe me anot? xD

so..wat are you waiting for?? go try go try~ den give me some feedback! or if u have any other tips to share, feel free to drop by at the comment area.. 




Saturday, November 24, 2012

new hairstyle! xP

halo! so as promised in th previous post that i will update my latest hairstyle! xD

finally i beh tahan with my cacat n growing wild bangs and went to cut it! yeah~

decided to try something new and cut dolly bangs!hehe was so worried dat i will look ugly in it.. xP

so this is how i look now!

drum roll pls~~


tadaa!! so wat do u tink?? yay or nay?? feedback pls~~ tell me!! xD

mayb few more photos to help u decide better! hehe









so how? yay or nay?

fwens said i look like some small girl now with this new hairstyle..T_T  got meh??

btw do let me noe which photo u prefer best? i personally like the 3rd pic! xP

p/s: please do me a favour by clicking on the advertisements above, below and on your right ya~ ;)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

accessories shopping for chirstmas =)

hohoho! r u ready for christmas? i know i know..its one and half months more to go.. bt dont u feel the mood already? cz the decorations are up now! xD

christmas is always the most awesome-est time to do shopping! cz they will b sales everywhere and at the same all the things sold are just cute n pretty!hehe

went to straits quay the other day with both my friends, jes n khaw! (if u forgot how the look like already..please check out my previous post.. xD )  we were supposr to go there for marshmallow before goin to the rt ended saw this happening flea market there..couldn't help it bt to go shopping! hahaha

my buys for the day!

red ribbon hair band! so cute and girly~~ xD  oh! dun bother asking me how much and all, cz dats da last piece! hiak hiak hiak!! super love it!

bought the one of a kind earrings! so christmas feel a~~ one side santa n the other reindeer! ops! means if i wear basically separating santa from his reindeer??? O.O

shall end this post with my cacat-ed bangs..hahaha

update: when to cut my bangs! wil update soon to show you my new hairstyle! stay tuned~ ^^


Monday, November 12, 2012

mr. koay 1st solo art exhibition + dinner at sa rang chae

went to Mr. Koay Shao Peng's Art exhibition yesterday for its opening ceremony! xD

Mr. Koay was my art teacher back in form 6. Was introduced by my class mate back then. Oh My! He has this magic touch dat watever painting that he touches, wil turn out to be pretty!!! believe or not?? dun believe go c for urself!

he super pro til watever u wana do just tell him n he noes! he can do oil pianting, acrylic and even sketching from pencils although his pro-ness is more to water colour! 

was pretty excited to see wat he came up with for his exhibition!hehe

anyways, his exhibition was held in Islang Gallery, Jalan Phuah Hin Leong (opposite union primary school) , Penang. do drop by to see the awesome-ness yourself!

anyway, me being very shy decided to grab to fwens dere yesterday. haha 

meet khaw lin ( my artsy fwen who was my number 1 fans for this blog, but downgraded to be no2 fan testd.. =s ) and jeslyn ( a doctor to be who believes that love never last~ n single is awesome! )

it was jeslyn's first art exhibition actually =)

guess wat? bumped into mai li ! one of the classmate that intro me to mr. koay's art class! xD

and this is khaw lin wif the painting which paints like her style! xD this is the kind of art she does!

after all the touring, it was time for dinner!! n my stomach asked for korean food! we go to Sa Rang Chae Korean Reastaurant.

The shop is located opposite Penang Chinese Girl High School and on the same row as 7 eleven..

camwhoring while waiting for the food to arrive!

1 more pic! xD

kimchi soup! (kimchi jiggae)

comes with a bowl of rice.. awesome! apparently it was rated as a must-try item over foursquare!lol

damage : RM20

hot and spicy rice cake (ddukbokkie)

a disappointment! love the one in Daorae one..T_T  n it was super spicy dat i ate less than half of the whole portion! :(

damage : RM20

oxtail soup with raddish (gam gook)

the taste is unique and no word can be used to describe it! looks like some chinese soup thing but the taste is no where near it..hahaha

deep le?? go try la..den u will noe! xP

damage : RM20

the side dishes. my favourite is definitely kimchi! wat else?? haha

oh! talking bout side dishes..this shop is so kiam! they only allow us to refill once per table..other place all cn refill unlimited wan le!! ><

but den again..even if i can only refill one round, i cant seems to finish my own portion also..LOL so i dun even noe y im complaining!hahahha

jeslyn with her portion of food! LOL (nola..just kidding xP )

another pic! but khaw lin refused to be in da picture so she became the photgrapher.. ><

had super fun that yesterday hanging out with them! cant wait for the outing =)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

photography level 0.1 (part 1)

hi everyone! am back for a 1 week break..

 but i wouldnt have called it a break lots of assignment to do n also nid to prepare for so many tests after holiday! so shitty! totally kill my mood a~~~ argh!!

ok.lets forgot bout the shit for a moment n talk bout fun stuff shall we?

had been attending photography class since this semester. its actually for koku..whereby in order to graduate, each students are supposed to up some activity for 2 sems out of the 4 yr course.. if not mistaken there were over 100 activity to choose from..

i, for sure choose photography! xD no money buy DSLR , at least join this class d cn play wif da camera mer.. da camera provided are Nikon D3200 if not mistaken.. very basic one with no extra lens at all.. ==

so last 2 weeks, our lecturer assigned us to 3ppl in a group to share a camera. n we were suppose to snap some potrait photo..

so ..dis is wat i shot! (more like playing around then completing our task) xP

introducing..both my models! LOL

see! happily enjoying themselves while i shoot!haha

LOL! i like this picture da most! i asked him to give me da yay-i-just-won-a-volkswagen look..n he did it! really looked he won the car!hahahahahahahah

dis pic also very funny wan..dis guy here rely go korek da tools from his car to make the props!hahaha

fixing the tyre! see! super pro actor rite? hahahaha

the making of mat rempit! LOL

wa! after all da photos..yuen lai dis is the only decent photo i took! o.O

last but no least..yours truly! xD

do give some comment n let me how i can improve my photography skills ya~ rely wana learn smth new o~~ xD
stay tuned for more photos soon ya! ^^

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Meet my self made western breakfast!

Wake up earlier than usual n feeling energised today! ^^

N first thing I saw when I stepped out of my room was housemates busy preparing breakfast n the kepo me when to kacau them~hehe

But end up seeing so much food in the kitchen make my stomach rumble !lol

But I have nothing left to eat! >< it had been awhile since I last went to groceries shopping.. :(

However,Wen Yee,my housemate was so kind that she donated her sausage n ham to me! *happiness*

Thus, the western breakkie set is born! Fried egg ( I love egg with raw egg yolk wan!), pan fried sausage n ham served with 2 packets of McD chilli sauce!LOL add on: a bottle of multigrain v-soy to complete my meal! yums!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

chinese seaweed soup

since moving out from hostel few months ago, i had been cooking for the house for dinner almost daily..

we were so lazy to move our ass out from the house just to go out n eat.. so might as well just cook something simple rite? can save money sumore! xD

 oh gosh! at first you were definitely excited! even cal back home to ask mum wats da recipe to cook dis n dat n so on..

 bt as days passes n u had to cook almost everyday (every other day my roommate wil help me cook la..) u become bit pro-er d.. so nonid ask mum liao..just cook ne! haha  but at the same time i finally understand y my mum always complain wat to buy in market! n forever asking me wat u wana eat tomolo! cz basically u get bored wif all the vege in the market n practically cn even memorize its location in da market! LOL

yes.. im an part time aunty who goes to market every weekend to stock up food supply now! T_T

but no! i dun wana be a regular aunty! be aunty also wana b special~ i wana b at least a blogger aunty! hmph!

so it sudd struck my mind dat mayb i can share with you peeps wat i usually cook n mayb da recipe as well? wan anot?? hehe

so here u go..


i noe there were 2 other dishes but lets just ignore them n concentrate on our soup alright?

ingredient :
1. chinese seaweed (soaked in water few hours b4 cooking)
2. chicken meat
3. fresh tofu
4. fish balls
5. egg
6. salt to taste

method :
1. slice the chicken meat (make sure u removed all the fats if you do not want your soup to turn out oily)
2. boil the water
3. throw the chicken in once the water boil. (ya..just dump it in, alright?)
4. when you see the chicken is almost cooked, throw the rest of the ingredient (except the egg) in.
5. close your wok n let your ingredient dance around in the hot pot (20minutes)
6. once everything is cooked, crack the egg in and add salt to taste.
7. your soup is READY TO BE SERVED! XD

do try n let me know if you like it. or if you have another recipe do share wif us ya? ;)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

love hate relationship wif my bangs!!

ya..this relationship had been going since forever! n its never solve! ><

n im sure many of the girls out dere are facing the same problem!

 to keep bangs or not?


side or dolly type??

den we start thinking n thinking.. n we just couldn't made our decision. wat if i change den i turn out ugly?? i will seriously hide myself in da room til da punny part of hair grow again i tell u!!

bt for the record of the time, i always had bangs.. dunu y.. mayb deep inside dere is a cute part of me who insist my brain to cut bangs..hahaha

(oh gosh! sudd realised y i look so different in every photo wan??! o.O )

bt the thing is.. bangs grows so fast.. n i would call it high maintenance.. once cut i can b pretty n cute for few weeks only..n the horrid moment comes..whereby my bangs is so long that i cant see things anymore! its so disturbing cz it keep on block my view! argh!!

see! no more cute liao.. T.T

but can be useful for Halloween la~ xP

but since halloween is over n all..n i gt super beh tahan wif the overgrown bangs... i decided to pin them up for good! n left the question ; to cut bangs or not.. unanswered..haha

n this is how i look now.. 

yay or nay?? feedback pls! xD

n last photo wif my pororo! <3 p="p">

i'm back with straightened hair! ^^

hi everyone! im back! sorry for being MIA for almost half a year... for better excuse, i would say oh gosh! was totally super busy with uni life dat i do not hav any more time to blog.

but obviously is was partly due to my laziness an all... xP i even come to a point whereby i feel like just shutting down this blog! >< 

but as i was browsing all my previous post n all, my love  towards blogging has finally come out once more! thus decided to continue this blog! whee~

this time round was thinking of having a giveaway sessions to all my blog readers.. (if ther is any left! haha)

stay tuned! 


(me getting too bored of studying n decided to snap a photo )

oh! btw, an old news : i had straighten my hair already~ ya..i noe..finally,,rite?

here u go! 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's Dim Sum day today!! Went to jaya33 to nom nom dim sum at Oriental Pavillion~ xD

Less crap n more picture ok?hehe

Had this interesting Tidbits~ long beans with some ikan bilis thing! So nice k~~~~~ n it's like only rm3!

P/s : the ikan bilis looks like worm lo when u c it closely..😰

These are v ordered..dunu their name so just show u pictures without caption la har..xP

# 1










Da dim sum super awesome! N in total cost us rm100 smth~