Tuesday, November 30, 2010

a date wif ah tiau :)

ok.the date thing happened like randomly without proper planning actually..haha

the other day i was suppose to go sentral myself to purchase my bus ticket back home after finals.. but i was my first time n im kinda like a dumb dumb in direction..

so i guess ms. koh wen theng aka ah tiau (dun ask me y i called her ah tiau..ita a long story) pitied me or smth dat she decided to come n meet me at sentral!hehe

so touched k?? awwwwwwww............ :P

oh!i was craving for mcd for some unknown reason dat time too!n she was kind enough to teman me eat mcd(while waiting for the heavy down pour to stop)!hehe

so in return of her super kindness...i decided to walk n teman her shopping in jusco!XD

thus..this was how our 'date' started!haha

shot 1 :

see..we walked all the way there k? cz no bus wana take us dere :(
bt nvmla..we get to camwhore under her automatic shanghai-themed umbrella while walking on the road!haha

i know!

dat sounds crazy rite?hehe i guess we made a few car drivers turred their head around n give us the wat-the-look! get wat i mean??!

like : O.o??!

ya.this look! :P

dats nt all!haha

we wanted to make it smth like a girls outing so ah tiau suggested dat we should snap more pic n be vain together-gether! hahahha

shot 2 :

i wana buy sunnie!! XD

we tried on some sunnies n illegaly snap some vain picture wif the sunnie..hehehe

shot 3 :

another one!hehe
mischivious + vain = us! haha

shot 4 :

believe it or nt? she suggested u s to snap pic in the toilet!haha

n...i agree!!lol

after all the window shopping the sky started pouring again.... so v had no choice but to tae our dinner dere before going home...

so wats for dinner dat nite?
its... the egg house! where egg is their basic ingredient!:)

her ommelette fried rice! i love the way they put it! so cute!!hehe

my teppanyaki chicken donburi!hehe its nice n the portion is kinda big..forced myself to finish it cz dun1 to waste n ended up bloated like crazy...hahaha

finished dinner n hoped for rain to stop.. bt instead it became heavier!!! it was kinda late already so we had no choice but to run under the rain to the nearest bus stop..

oh my! superly wet n it sort of started to flood already! so cold n shivering while waiting for the bus...haiz!

although we had to run under the rain,shivered to death n all.. i stil enjoyed myself that day! it was suppose to b a kesian trip to sentral to purchase bus ticket then go home..but she made a twist in my plan n we ended up having a lot of fun instead! thx ah tiau!!!(if u r reading my blog)lol... cant wait to hang out wif u again :)


p/s: while we were window shopping! i got attracted to some accessories shop n went in. wanted to buy some hair thing to tie bun wan..but do not know how to use it..lol

the sales girl was being kind dat she wanted to demo it for me wif condition dat i lend her my hair to demo..haha

bt the funny thing happened was when she saw me tying my hair like this...

top view

side view
that she gt all excited n started questioning me how i tie it and all!!ROFL
she even ask her collegue to come over to take a look n ask me to teach them..haha
isnt she suppose to b pro in hair styling n hair do??lol... cz i feel dis hairstyle is like kinda nirmal d mer..like u see it everywhere n even in the magazines rite??hahaha
i could nt help it but to feel freaky(cz the way she stare at me n questioned me) n at the same time laughing in silence deep inside my soul! :P

Friday, November 26, 2010

i'm back!!!!

oh! in case u dunu or i ferget to tell u....


bt im sick rite now... :(

flu + non-stop sneezing + headache + sorethroat + feverish = :((((((((((((((

y do they hav to come in a package??

its holiday n i cant afford to b sick.. no fair!! i wana go play too.... T.T

picture taken in the bus. i dunu wats wrong bt i feel it doesnt rely look like me..LOL
n i din even edit my face! cz i dun even noe how to use photoshop in the first place!!!haha
i just adjust the lighting cz the lighting in bus is horrible..terrible..n...vegetable!!!


hey ya! so sorry for not updating for such a long time :S

had been superly busy wif finals n then right after finals, my time was even more packed! had to packed my luggage n everything in like few hours dat nite right after my finals..

n guess wat?im being such a nice blogger dat im actually blogging to update u guys when im SICK! T.T blogging away with a whole mountain of tissue paper accompanying me (just cant stop sneezing) shows my loyalty to my blog,yes??hehe


right after finals, we decided to treat ourselves wif good food for working so hard!therefore we decided to explore the new cafe/restaurant called OLD TASTE (smth like OLD TOWN) @ BB Bazaar..

it was kinda like farewell dinner too cz after dat all of us will heading back to our hometown respectively! :)

this is us. dont get the number wrong. theres only 4 ppl in dere.hahaha

sounds sad? no! the 4 of us can actually crap like nobody's business n rock our own whole?haha

ordered malacca's famous 3 layered tea! bt was pretty disappointed..i find the 1 in the yong tau foo shop taste better.hehe



tried the nyonya laksa! nt bad ler...

the food was an ok.ok standard for me..definitely love OLD TOWN n KIM GARY better!hehe

guess wat? after the dinner we gt all mischevious n created this! :P

not bad huh? we were considering to categorised this nom nom into fine dining!haha

y?cz fine dining comes in big plated n small portion don't they? plus wif extra loads of decorative n artsy stuff on it...

our creation fits into all the requirement! so therefore its a yummy fine dining nom nom!!
wana try???hehe



oh!when girls meet up, how can they not snap pic together, right?

so here u go! a group picture together :)

after dinner, we sent wen theng a.k.a ah tiau to the bus stop cz she was living in some other hostel :(

dat time, i gues some screw must hav gotten loose due to exam pressure that we started singing out loud at the bus stop while waiting for th bus!!haha

n our singing continues even after we sent ah tiau off!LOL
imagine 3 of us crossing a busy road n walking back to hostel at nite while singing high-pitched song!!LOL

once we reached our hostel, things gt serious as its LUGGAGE-PACKING-MARATHON!!!

its a difficult mission cz i hav to fit all my stuff (4months supply of clothes n everything else) into 2 luggage???

came to think of it.. its kinda a great achievement for me cz honestly i never rely packed my own luggage before.. call me a spoilt brat or wat bt i just could nt deny the fact :(


next day!

its exploring malacca time! XD

wait!i hav a confession to make : i was enjoying myself too much dat i forget to snap pic T.T
sowee.... :(

early in the morning went to meet up wif zhi ying @ sentral to send her off. so fast wana go home liao...ish...

photo snapped by zhi ying : she cut herself into half!LOL



luckily the guys came in time n helped us to snap this picture!hehe

after sending her off, we had breakfast in mcd before we start to explore malacca..hehe

Sunday, November 14, 2010

little renovation on the blog :)

i noe. i noe. im stil having finals...

but i dun hav the mood to study now..give me a break before i break into pieces... can?

did a lil renovation to the blog... yea..lil as in tiny puney little reno only :)

oh! im a churper now! XD i like their cute bird logo!!hehe

then i hav added a traffic thing on the side.. just for the fun of it.haha


and oh oh oh!!!! im on twitter now!!

so go ahead n follow me in twitter!hehe

u can check out my random thought dere too!hehe

im actually super new in there..
(as u can see currently having only 3tweets,2following,1follower,0list)

p/s: in case you cant see the pic above, search my name : daphne or daphneauhere. u willl be able to find me there :)

c u dere! XD

Friday, November 12, 2010

brain went static cause of statics......

fiuh! *wipe sweat*

came out from statics battle today.. totally worn out physically n mentally...

yea.cz wasnt feeling well today plus the super cooling air-con that blew directly onto my face! i was like few seconds close to turning into a frozen daphne...

statics is smth that i always find confusing... its solve-able during practice but forever becomes an alien to u during exams..some how u ur brain wil turn STATIC when u r trying to solve STATICS!haiz....

really..speechless i m right now...

crossing fingers n hoping for the best to come i guess??hehe


anyways, moving on..

im having japanese paper 2ml! but i seems to ferget my hiragana n katakana already! oh no!!

have to go search those words back in some store room behind my brain...

meanwhile, allow me to practice here a lil, can?

*ahem ahem*


ok.g2g gambate on my nihongo already. figure out what i wrote la k?hehe

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

yippee! lights are back!


the management finally came over to fix the lights!!

no more bathing romantically.

no more dark living room.

im a happy girl now! XD


engineering maths exam tomolo.

such a kill joy.

came to think of that, no more a happy girl now...

Monday, November 8, 2010

wish me good luck!

latest update.

times is up!

few moment aways frm the final paper.

am i ready???

ans: .....................

dun dare to ans dis ques.

ok. g2g sit for exam already.

check list:

exam slip?


matric card?


decided not to show u my ugly face here. so i kinda blur it.hehe

wish me good luck again can?




8th of november???!!!

tick.tock.tick.tock.tick.tock..... *alarm rings*

woke up.

check calendar.

har?! 8th of november already????!!!

double check.

rub eye to make sure im reading the right calendar( i happened to read the wrong calendar before)

i word.


its really 8th of november now!!!

heart is pumping like crazy now.


pasted this on the wall.

to remind everyone in the house including me, the dory fish.

(my friend's idea actually)

g2g get drown myself in a pool of self-notes now.
wish me good luck can?
thx for your luck.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


darn! its saturday already!!!



so how many days am i left with now? 1 and half day!!! *faint*

i hav to admit dat im not prepared for finals yet.. i dun hav the confidence to walk into the exam hall without my notes wif me...

but im rely trying my best to overcome this fear of mine... had been staying up late n burnt midnight oil almost every single day...

crap. i could not even remember when was my last time slepping soundly wif no worries at night! :((

dark circles are dominating my eyes now. now, when u see me, first thing u wil see is my freaking dark circles before my tired eyes.. T.T

dun believe me?

nah! i show u my ugly face..



photo taken using my web cam..

blurry photo n yet the first thing u notice is my oh god dark circles!! argh....

according to my fwen's theory : one day my whole face wil turn black. u noe why? cz the dark circles are enlarging n multiplying... they hav no where else to grow so they spread to my entire face. n my entire face would turn black!

get it?? no? oh!nvm... just move on...

Friday, November 5, 2010

a lil twist to deepavali this year

its deepavali again! :)

so i would like to take this opprtunity to wish all my indian friends happy deepavali and as for the others, happy STUDY week!! haha
ya, i know. im such a kill joy cz i just hav to highlight the word STUDY to u all..haha..
anyways, saw this amazing kolam in new jusco that day! its superly huge k?
pictures was zoomed all the way frm 2nd or 3rd floor of the shopping mall using my baby c903 :)
i was actually amazed by it.hehe
cz they even have toning on it and to make it stand out.. they put glitters here n dere too! gorgeous and hard work i would say! bravo to the artist :)
deepavali dis year was 'special'..
1. deepavali used to be happy day cz its a public holiday! me n mummy would end up ronda-ing around
dis year? its study week ler... =.=
2. deepavali is supposed to be a festival of light isnt it? like bright light everywhere..soo bright til u might wana consider wearing sunglasses everywhere you go!haha
now? to hav a lil twist to it...
my 'genius' light in the living room choosed to blow off dis time..during study week!!
not only that! seeing that the light in the living room went caotic, the toilet light felt lonely n decided to kill himself too!!
so the whole house ended up bathing romantically in the toilet!lol its scary k?... cz i cant see anything in dere ><
no matter day or night its stil equally dark cz there isnt any window or smth in the toilet!ish...
i was teasing my roommate by telling her not to mistakenly used hair shampoo as facial cleanser or smth..hahaha
see! deepavali is so interesting dis year, no? lol
p/s: the fastest time for them to repair the lights would be this monday! so im gona spend my weekend emo-ing in the dark while studying i guess?haha

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

crap! its day 2 of study week already!!!!

oh no! i've entered the 2nd day of my study week!!!

i still could not see lights ahead me..everything seems blurry and dark ahead... guess dis wat those who wear specs feel when they took off their specs...

my progress? haha...

as slow as always.. like a grandmama tortoise i would say...

darn! i really need to speed up in everything i do now... :( haiz....

as times passes.. my fear towards exam multiply like a puney microorganism breeding.. u noe? like they wan we learn in science when we were in form1? if im not mistaken, one of it is amoeba rite??? fuiyoh! it multiply in a speed of light n like nobody's business lo!!!

so yea.. thats dat rate of my fear now? according to senior, the fear wil multiply like 7988976times compared to wat i feel right now the moment i enter the gigantic cold hall! T.T

funny thing is, when i go online.. i somehow have energy to go surf her surf there. once i press the button off on the 'wifi' button on my netbook... its like me switching off my energy button in my body.. seriously...

once i take out my book.. i will go ZZzzzzzz............

what m i gona do???? finals is round the corner..

haiz.. guess i really need this rite now lo?haha



yup. sabun tahan mengantuk. saw this poster in uni the other time n could not stop laughing at it!hahaha

was wondering whos the genius who invented this useful (em..do not noe wats da best word to describe it) product?

eh! just realised they have their contact number on it too! so those of u who is desperate to stay awake.. u can call them n purchase it i guess??

as for me? i shall drown myself into a pool of notes now :(((((((

ok. thx for dropping by to hear my nonsense. see ya?