Wednesday, April 27, 2011

go away nightmare!! T.T

hmm.. do u agree with me dat exams are tiring??

in my case..i am..dun ask me im stil figuring out.. =S

could not have proper sleep at mind is restless when im suppose to be resting..what am i thinking? smth went wrong with the system in my head i guess..

oh! n these few days nightmares are haunting me! T.T

so tired n cant wait to get over with it n get back my life.. exam = no life.. u cant enjoy..

even though u manage to find some tiny bit time to enjoy, the guilt of not studying is always haunting u.. haiz..

better go study now..bye!

Friday, April 22, 2011

the arrival of .....

deng deng deng....






yup... finals is here again...



when im ready for exams to be honest...haha

bt tha prob is my studying progress is like even slower than a senior citizen tortoise!! T.T


continue emo ler... ^^v