Thursday, January 14, 2010

whee!!! i like SS501's songs...

try listening to song ( because i'm stupid)

don't you agree that this song is superb? hehe

btw..their leader is handsome too..hehe

but for some reason...he isnt handsome in the drama, boys over flowers... he shud keep his hair short..:)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the year 2009

before i began the next chapter of my life, let me do some reflection on what i have been up to last year..

the year 2009 is indeed a great year...although there are many ups and down in between..

however, with a bunch of good friends around..whats there to worry about rite? they are the one that will stand by your side and support you no matter what happened..

not to forget my family members too...thanks for being there for me when i need you all..especially when my brain go crazy during the STPM season..

ok..let me share with you some photos..

1. went to kek lok si temple during chinese new year! it was an awesome trip!

2) joined malaysia-japan art competition ( received merit award)

3) organized a 2d1n trip to cameron for art club members

4)i curled my hair!! (korean perm)

5) PROM!!
- SGGS Prom - Traders' Hotel
- PFS Prom - E&O hotel

6) joined on-the-spot art competition

7) my first time shopping for sunglasses in the internet :)

8) painted a huge canvas for STPM art paper (sry could not upload photo here cz its confidential).. :)

9)school life!!
i'm proud to say that i've survive living in the lions' den the whole year!! ( i think jes know what i mean..haha)

10) the after stpm celebration (golden sand hotel)

11)finally! i've own a blogshop!!! selling accessories..handmades..dresses..
do show your support and visit my blogshop ya? do drop by and give us your valuable comment to improve the shop :)

12) 2nd trip to kek lok si!!

13) went to paddington house of pancake with jamie ( i make the coffee smile!)

14) christmas bbq party at penang times square

15) bowling and photo shoot session with cousins

16) new year countdown in queensbay! ( sry was enjoying myself so much taht i forgot to take pictures)

all those experience made us more mature and to understand the world we live in better... don't you agree?


hie everyone!

i've moved! from wordpress to blogspot..haha

somehow i find blogspot are more user-friendly..don't you think so? besides, new year new start so new blog!haha

anyways im moving on to the next chapter in my life. improud to say that im finally out of high school!! no more more waking up early in the morning...