Sunday, November 4, 2012

chinese seaweed soup

since moving out from hostel few months ago, i had been cooking for the house for dinner almost daily..

we were so lazy to move our ass out from the house just to go out n eat.. so might as well just cook something simple rite? can save money sumore! xD

 oh gosh! at first you were definitely excited! even cal back home to ask mum wats da recipe to cook dis n dat n so on..

 bt as days passes n u had to cook almost everyday (every other day my roommate wil help me cook la..) u become bit pro-er d.. so nonid ask mum liao..just cook ne! haha  but at the same time i finally understand y my mum always complain wat to buy in market! n forever asking me wat u wana eat tomolo! cz basically u get bored wif all the vege in the market n practically cn even memorize its location in da market! LOL

yes.. im an part time aunty who goes to market every weekend to stock up food supply now! T_T

but no! i dun wana be a regular aunty! be aunty also wana b special~ i wana b at least a blogger aunty! hmph!

so it sudd struck my mind dat mayb i can share with you peeps wat i usually cook n mayb da recipe as well? wan anot?? hehe

so here u go..


i noe there were 2 other dishes but lets just ignore them n concentrate on our soup alright?

ingredient :
1. chinese seaweed (soaked in water few hours b4 cooking)
2. chicken meat
3. fresh tofu
4. fish balls
5. egg
6. salt to taste

method :
1. slice the chicken meat (make sure u removed all the fats if you do not want your soup to turn out oily)
2. boil the water
3. throw the chicken in once the water boil. (ya..just dump it in, alright?)
4. when you see the chicken is almost cooked, throw the rest of the ingredient (except the egg) in.
5. close your wok n let your ingredient dance around in the hot pot (20minutes)
6. once everything is cooked, crack the egg in and add salt to taste.
7. your soup is READY TO BE SERVED! XD

do try n let me know if you like it. or if you have another recipe do share wif us ya? ;)

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