Saturday, October 22, 2011

my oil paint cedera parah! T.T

they did nt take good care of my oil paint.. n da plastic effect thing tore!!! T_T

u see! so sad owkay!! :(

btw, today is da last day of the art exhibition d..

n im stil stuck in malacca... cant even go dere n say hi to it... :((

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

my art piece is in USM school of art!!

still remember this???

yea! my STPM masterpiece~

wondering y im posting it up again?hehe

cause my oil paint is now exhibited in USM school of art!!! *proud*

it has been few years now ( u noe im bt they stil keep? wow!

i wana go USM n visit my art piece!!!! and mayb snap a pic or 2 with it.. i wan i wan!!!

*masterpiece stay there n when i go back to penang i will find u! xoxo~

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ever had this feeling??

* quote was taken from facebook

hav u ever had this feeling before?

the feeling sure is awful isnt it?
yes, i believe so..
this person were so nice to you..
but you felt its normal due to da friendly-ness..

the whole world start to think n see it in a different way..
story telling session..
they tell u their assumptions and make it as tho its so real...

til u started to think,
do i mean smth to that person?
or is it just some act of friendly-ness?
then u start to get confuse on every act..
and million question start popping out in your mind..
you could not find the answer..
left with no choice bt to answer your own question

telling youself..
enough is enough!
dun assume!

seeking for the answer...

bt end up with no answer!
*big SIGH! *

Monday, October 10, 2011


today's lecture was a little different! our lecturer change the venue to a park instead of the same old lecture hall...

i find it interesting tho~ park! lots of fresh air that kept my brain cells working..and also playground for me to play!!! when was the last last time i sat on the swing??hmm...

at least im nt sleepy today during today's lecture..if today's lesson were to be in lecture hall, i would have doze off as usual in da middle of class.. :p

the park near ZOO malacca! xD

if only the transport problem thing is solved..then i would prefer n look forward for more classes to be held outside lecture hall.. :)