Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Food Hunt : O'Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe ( Opposite Queensbay Mall, Penang)

Hie lovely! Who's up for sandwich today?? xD

 How bout some Irish Sandwich today? :)

ah ha! so now u noe what im gona blog today rite? 

yeah! im gona talk bout my date with my buddies at O'Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe. We went to the one near Queensbay, Penang. Its just a tiny shop i would say and its opposite the dunu wat bank.. haha

I dunu isit just me or wat.. when ppl talk about Irish sandwich i will think of it. Mayb because thats the one and only Irish Sandwich Cafe i know.. LOL

So anyways, when we first go in, this is what greeted us! A whole display of fresh ingredient! So many flavours ah~~~

So many things til i go undecided on what to eat.. haha 

Wasn't really hungry that day so decided to share a portion with my fwen. We ordered this :

and i forgot its name... ==' All i remember it at the most right hand side of the menu.. haha

and to go with this, i ordered marshmallow hot chocolate! yums!! ^^ 

and these are what my other fwens ordered :)  but i forgot the name of their food too.. sorry.. haha

I like this! cz to me the bread damn cute lo~ Its in T shape..hehe

and another something else that i have also forgotten the name! hahahaha

so after all the makan makan and catching up, what else is left? camwhore lah!! hehe

so bare with me and feast on our camwhoring session! haha 

all photos taken with khaw lin's ipad ;)

dats me, khaw lin, sheril and shannon :) 

and thats phang ling looking confused :p wait! or is she just trying to photo bomb us?haha

and everyone went nuts! 

and a sudden purple light shinning on me? O.o
omg! my captioning is stupid! bt wat ever la.. haha 
dats like 1% of the photos we took, mind u~ hehe

okla.. 1 more..

and then i dunu wat we were laughing at.. haha

all laugh like mad! xP

but anyways, back to O'Brien.. overall, the food was nice and fresh! but just a little on the expensive side.  It's just like a high class Subway i would say.. dat also if subway has the daily RM7.50 promotion la..haha

if u dun mind the price, then you shud go try out! its nice :)



Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dazzling Couture Shopping Spree!

hie lovelies!good news!! i have a good place for accessories shopping  to intro u today! :))

its definitely non other than...


their fb:
and website :

Bought few of their stuff for CNY this year. (yes, i bought it with my own money. this is nt an advertorial post, thankiu! ) It was my first time purchasing from them and oh no! their service and product was seriously damn good!!  and most importantly, the price is super reasonable! <3 p="">
So this is wat i received the next day after i made my payment! A parcel on my doorsteps!

Super love their simple and cute packaging. teehee :)

and when i unwrap it.. this is wat i saw. buble-fied accessories to prevent any damage! so good~  hehe

ok..let me show u the things i bought! xD

HM Inspired Bunting Necklace! had been looking for this necklace high and low ever since i saw it in the magazine the other time. When i found out that they are selling, i was super happy! xDDD 

Guess the price?

its only RM8.90!! oh my gawd! where cn i find a better place to get such bargain, u tell me??

and this is my full coordinate on how i pair it with ;)


ASOS inspired Pastel Bunting Necklace! Super pretty and colourful. Perfect to be paired with plain dark coloured clothes! add on this little piece to spice up your OOTD :)

and they do sell a matching bracelet to go with it too! mad love 

my coordinate?

Guess the price again?

necklace : RM8.90
bracelet : RM7.90

and definitely with all the good service + reasonable price + good quality + fast shipping, i will definitely gona go dere to shop more! typing this post itself already make me fingers go itchy and wana go dere shop again.. hehe

My WISHLIST from their shop:
 * in case some1 is kind enough to make my wish come through* xP

1. Gold spike necklace

2. ASOS Linked Spike Bracelet (gold)

3. ASOS Cross and Skull Linked Bracelet

4. Gold Spike Cap

5. Gold Spike Drop Earring

So these are the top 5 things i wish i could have in my drawer. notice the similarity? gold and spikes!  what are the things you like from them? same as me? :)

Do check them out n like their facebook page so that you can get the latest news on their stock arrival ;)