Monday, November 12, 2012

mr. koay 1st solo art exhibition + dinner at sa rang chae

went to Mr. Koay Shao Peng's Art exhibition yesterday for its opening ceremony! xD

Mr. Koay was my art teacher back in form 6. Was introduced by my class mate back then. Oh My! He has this magic touch dat watever painting that he touches, wil turn out to be pretty!!! believe or not?? dun believe go c for urself!

he super pro til watever u wana do just tell him n he noes! he can do oil pianting, acrylic and even sketching from pencils although his pro-ness is more to water colour! 

was pretty excited to see wat he came up with for his exhibition!hehe

anyways, his exhibition was held in Islang Gallery, Jalan Phuah Hin Leong (opposite union primary school) , Penang. do drop by to see the awesome-ness yourself!

anyway, me being very shy decided to grab to fwens dere yesterday. haha 

meet khaw lin ( my artsy fwen who was my number 1 fans for this blog, but downgraded to be no2 fan testd.. =s ) and jeslyn ( a doctor to be who believes that love never last~ n single is awesome! )

it was jeslyn's first art exhibition actually =)

guess wat? bumped into mai li ! one of the classmate that intro me to mr. koay's art class! xD

and this is khaw lin wif the painting which paints like her style! xD this is the kind of art she does!

after all the touring, it was time for dinner!! n my stomach asked for korean food! we go to Sa Rang Chae Korean Reastaurant.

The shop is located opposite Penang Chinese Girl High School and on the same row as 7 eleven..

camwhoring while waiting for the food to arrive!

1 more pic! xD

kimchi soup! (kimchi jiggae)

comes with a bowl of rice.. awesome! apparently it was rated as a must-try item over foursquare!lol

damage : RM20

hot and spicy rice cake (ddukbokkie)

a disappointment! love the one in Daorae one..T_T  n it was super spicy dat i ate less than half of the whole portion! :(

damage : RM20

oxtail soup with raddish (gam gook)

the taste is unique and no word can be used to describe it! looks like some chinese soup thing but the taste is no where near it..hahaha

deep le?? go try la..den u will noe! xP

damage : RM20

the side dishes. my favourite is definitely kimchi! wat else?? haha

oh! talking bout side dishes..this shop is so kiam! they only allow us to refill once per table..other place all cn refill unlimited wan le!! ><

but den again..even if i can only refill one round, i cant seems to finish my own portion also..LOL so i dun even noe y im complaining!hahahha

jeslyn with her portion of food! LOL (nola..just kidding xP )

another pic! but khaw lin refused to be in da picture so she became the photgrapher.. ><

had super fun that yesterday hanging out with them! cant wait for the outing =)

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