Wednesday, July 20, 2011

camwhoring mood is back!

wah! i thought i wil never camwhore ever again in my life! cz the mood just went missing like suddenly~ feeling lazy to snap sui sui photo of myself n all...

bt who knows the mood is back! a little... ya..only gt little bit mood nia..thus explain the few photos up here... :(




only 3 photos...T_T

bt do let me know which 1 looks better alrite? if all also look ugly to u den let me noe also mayb i can quickly get an appointment wif a plastic surgeon in korea or smth... LOL xP

Sunday, July 17, 2011

double tone nail art :)

my recent nail art..

as of course its pink! my favourite colour~ hehe

rose frm the organizer while i was performing for a buddhist :)

bt unfortunately it only last me a week (or less)..the colour start to chip n i cant tahan seeing imperfect nail art bt to remove all of them :(

who say OPI nail polish last long?? or is it just me being to rough?? ><

evil twin spotted!

once upon a time, good daphne was fb-ing happily in fb...

then sudd...

her evil twin appear frm nowhere n started chatting wif her!! oh no........

* the evidence*



moral of da story is... sometimes ur evil twins wil appear in fb n chat wif u

Sunday, July 3, 2011

my first visit to the sticker booth!!

ya ya i noe im kinda bit old to visit the sticker booth now... bt i hv never try dat im my entire life before!! so sad rite my life? haiz...

so the other day dunu who randomly suggest while we were passing the shop n they suddenly every gt excited n decided to give it a try! LOL

n i tell u..taking photo with the machine is stressful at u hav limited time to pose, review ur photo n den edit ur photo! plus we hv so many ppl so u can hear things like eh..try dis try that..har..dat 1 dat on...hahaha

so i guess dis the best dat we can come up to?

presenting ......