Saturday, November 10, 2012

photography level 0.1 (part 1)

hi everyone! am back for a 1 week break..

 but i wouldnt have called it a break lots of assignment to do n also nid to prepare for so many tests after holiday! so shitty! totally kill my mood a~~~ argh!!

ok.lets forgot bout the shit for a moment n talk bout fun stuff shall we?

had been attending photography class since this semester. its actually for koku..whereby in order to graduate, each students are supposed to up some activity for 2 sems out of the 4 yr course.. if not mistaken there were over 100 activity to choose from..

i, for sure choose photography! xD no money buy DSLR , at least join this class d cn play wif da camera mer.. da camera provided are Nikon D3200 if not mistaken.. very basic one with no extra lens at all.. ==

so last 2 weeks, our lecturer assigned us to 3ppl in a group to share a camera. n we were suppose to snap some potrait photo..

so ..dis is wat i shot! (more like playing around then completing our task) xP

introducing..both my models! LOL

see! happily enjoying themselves while i shoot!haha

LOL! i like this picture da most! i asked him to give me da yay-i-just-won-a-volkswagen look..n he did it! really looked he won the car!hahahahahahahah

dis pic also very funny wan..dis guy here rely go korek da tools from his car to make the props!hahaha

fixing the tyre! see! super pro actor rite? hahahaha

the making of mat rempit! LOL

wa! after all da photos..yuen lai dis is the only decent photo i took! o.O

last but no least..yours truly! xD

do give some comment n let me how i can improve my photography skills ya~ rely wana learn smth new o~~ xD
stay tuned for more photos soon ya! ^^

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