random facts bout me

1. Im proud of my name, Daphne
2. loves pink colour!! until one day white came into my life..
3. so basically i love pink and white now :)
4. in love with ribbons, bow and laces! (princessy stuff)
5. art is my life! n i miss my art cupboard now..
6. i don't drink
7. i don't club
8. and definitely i don't smoke! hates smokers!!!
9. am a dumb dumb in lovey-dovey stuff
10. i do not know how to take signals especially from guys!haha
11. i admit dat im blur all the time :)
12. love painting my nails <3
13. but tend to remove it after few minutes or at most after few days.hehe
14. i love SHOPPING! dun mind window shopping tho.hehe
15. i crap all the time.
16. and laughing my my favourite past time XD
17. people who knows me tend to say dat im crazy
18. but im super quiet when i meet strangers! total opposite huh?
19. super duper AFRAID OF INJECTION!!
20. the only COOKIES that i truly enjoy is CHIPS MORE! chips more is my best friend :)
21. painted my room PINK all by myself!hehe
22. d odourless paint i used smelt like strawberry! so my room smelt like strawberry syrup for few weeks after that
23. loves to eat. and this explains the amount of fats in my body.lol
24. i can laugh non-stop over a tiny puney matter
25. loves surprises!
26. love being pampered :)
27. love to doll up!hehe
28. prefer daisy over roses :)
29. she look strong from the outside but actually weak on the inside
30. bad decision maker. cz i tend to be figure minded
31. am a procrastinator
32. never seems to be able to decide whether to go curly or straight (my hair)
33. attempted to chop her hair short but pretty knows that she will regret it later
34. currently the chairlady of sap ha sap ha gang
35. and master of daphneism
36. loves snapping pictures of people
37. and herself. so in other words, its called camwhoring!
38. loves big big sunglasses
39. coffee and milk tea lover
40. loves to buy accessories but never seems to find/ get an opportunity to wear them :(
41. doesnt take chocolates with nuts. this means that i dislike ferero rocher
42. instead, likes d plain dark chocolate
42. will not and does not eat oranges!
43. but i drink orange juice!lol orange milk is nice
44. currently taking up japanese language and hope to master it
45. enjoy spending her free time lazing n rotting at home
46. I DONT KNOW HOW TO USE PHOTOSHOP! :( anyone wana be my photoshop guru?
47. the only thing that i know to edit is to insert frames for my photos n add my name at the bottom... so sad
48. im a dumb dumb in computer stuff too :((
49. im easily fascinated.
50. and this means that i get excited easily over tiny stuff.hehe