Saturday, May 18, 2013

Appreciation X Giveaway Day !

hie people! as you can read from the tittle above, today will be my first giveaway!! xD

i would prefer calling this giveaway  an appreciation gifts instead of giveaway cz i really appreciate all the support form you people out dere for dropping by and reading my blog all these while.

Thankiu Thankiu n Thankiu! T_T

Guess wat im giving? xD

yes! 3 pairs of freshlook illuminate color lens in jet black!

and the ones i'm giving away is the 2nd generation with starburst design print!! perfect for asian eyes!! xD

interested? want it? :)

here you go! some simple steps to win it :)

1. click LIKE on my new Facebook Page

2. share the the giveaway photo. (make sure the status is public so that i can see it :) )

3. leave a comment below together with your Facebook name

Closing Date : 31st May 2013

That simple! 3 simple steps to win it! I'll be selecting 3 random winner for the 3 pairs of contact lens after the closing date ^ ^

Gogogo! start winning them now!!! xDDD



Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Penang beach outing ( next to golden sand hotel, batu ferenggih)

long awaited post! xD

wanted to write bout this outing loooooong time ago but couldn't cz there were too many photos and lots of photos aren't dat broadband quota friendly... haha im forever running out of quota cz uploading photos eats up my quota like nobody's business! ><

ok! back to the topic.. had this outing during my mid-sem break when i went back to penang. That was my most care-free holiday ever! No test or assignments waiting for me after holidays! xD

so i randomly jio them out and khaw lin suggested, y not to the beach? n so off we go! LOL

bt da moment we reach the beach.. guess wat? my hp battery died on me.. == 

thank god! khaw lin brought along her ipad that day.. so ipad to the rescue (all photos were snapped by the new iPad)! and at the same time i was appointed as the official photographer of the day!hahahaha

in case u still dunu who khaw lin is.. this is khaw lin! everybody pls say hi to her~ dats her usual monkey face :P

and this is sin yong! who dressed up prettily just for the beach outing! *applause*

and yours truly! ^^ in case you miss my face.. haha

and our group photo! LOL

besides, snapping vain photos and all in the beach, our intension (or mayb khaw lin's intention) was to collect seashells.. she was so prepared that she stole a beaker from her lab in uni! @@

see! i no bluff u wan.. beaker just to keep her seashells :)

while others usually go to the beach to collect seashells, i wanted to be different! i wanted to be special! or in malaysian way, i was KIASU.... T_T

so i collected mini durians instead! hahahahhaha

i collected so much that i was telling khaw lin dat i would by a nice bottle n throw all in and give khaw lin on her birthday/wedding day! hahaha

*update : ops! but now thinking of it.. i totally forgot where i chuck all those durians to already!hahahaha
or mayb i accidently threw it away liao.. >< 

oh! n i took this artistic photo..haha 

don't just take this photo as any random photos ok? you will never know the effort behind scene.. waiting for the wave to come in perfectly..juggling ipad on your palm plus an umbrella on the other hand or smth.. the super bright sun that day.. so bright that all i can see on the screen of the ipad is black colour.. ==

After we got bored, and the whether got too hot.. an idea struck our minds! we were suppose to come out with few poses for both  emo and happy moments.. xD

1st up! khaw lin..


sin yong~

and finally my turn! as much as i m vain.. when it comes to my turn,, i seriously do not know wat to pose..  haha
seriously respect all those who take up modelling as their career! xD

omg! like stomachache pose lidat.. :P

oh! ans the usual jumping on the beach pose :)

and some siao random photos...

and thats all for todays update! bye



Saturday, May 4, 2013

My Food Hunt: Vivo , AEON Bandaraya Melaka (near Starbucks)

Loha! Im back with more food!haha 
*warning! if you are hungry now please do not scroll down to avoid any mental suffering*

had been eating great recently and thus explains the lining up of more food hunt post coming soon!haha

so today's post, VIVO!! The best cafe i had encounter so far!! xD

the place of great food & great price! and mind you, great food n price usually wont come in a same sentence. cz in order to get a better food, you nid to pay more. but no! this cafe proves you wrong! they made these 2 adjectives come in together in a sentence! :)

hmm.. let me show you wat we ordered! hehe

started off with this sparkling juice! yummy~ n its fizzy! xD

next up..

Lemon Herb Salmon Steak!
gawd!! the salmon skin is so crispy and nais!!!!!!!! make me hungry just looking  this picture...

Baked fish pasta! 

The taste of the fish and sauce blends so well that i just had to ordered every single time i visit vivo! LOL

and its not just me.. all the different groups of fwen dat went wif me tried and said it was awesome! :)

Teriyaki chicken

Very flavourful! 

You can even taste the teriyaki sauce inside the chicken.
 Most of the places that i have tried, the taste usually stuck on the skin and if you are like me (ppl wont often remove the skin) you will often end up eating a tasteless chicken.. haha

Oriental Baked rice

This dish is a little spicy but it a good match if you have already ordered a lot of creamy/cheesy dishes. It will spice up your meal a little ;)

oh! and when we went the other time, they had this promotion..

yup.. this offer.. the baked rice we ordered was listed here. therefore we get to order another personal pizza for half price! whee!!!

oh! n from here you can roughly see the price range la.. hehe

and so we ordered this! n i forgot wat flavour was this.. hahahah

so these are wat we ordered for 4pax. was soooooooooooo full after the meal dat i cant really move afterwards! haha

definitely on top of list for cafes so far.. ;)
go try and tell me your experience..

and oh! if u wana see wat other menus they offer, do check out the Vivo Official Website :)