Saturday, November 3, 2012

i'm back with straightened hair! ^^

hi everyone! im back! sorry for being MIA for almost half a year... for better excuse, i would say oh gosh! was totally super busy with uni life dat i do not hav any more time to blog.

but obviously is was partly due to my laziness an all... xP i even come to a point whereby i feel like just shutting down this blog! >< 

but as i was browsing all my previous post n all, my love  towards blogging has finally come out once more! thus decided to continue this blog! whee~

this time round was thinking of having a giveaway sessions to all my blog readers.. (if ther is any left! haha)

stay tuned! 


(me getting too bored of studying n decided to snap a photo )

oh! btw, an old news : i had straighten my hair already~ ya..i noe..finally,,rite?

here u go! 

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