Thursday, September 29, 2011


im back!

had been busy with all sorts of stuff in uni lately... lots of meeting, gatherings and what not..causing me lack of sleep n walk to class like zombie everyday..

i secretly suspect stefan frm vampire diaries sneak in my room and suck blood..dats y im forever tired da next morning...

bt anyway, im back wif a happy mood today. finally no more meetings late at nite! ^^v

apart frm that, i think i've finally learn to let go! n stop guessing and answering on behalf of others on those question i myself asked... n mayb i think too much..

i just cant explain this feeling of joy i had and definitely words cant describe it out! just be happy for me n share the joy, will u? xD

watever is urs wil always be urs....n dun assume stuff cz ur not god! :)




*big smile*

Thursday, September 8, 2011

hostel list is out!!!

yup. finally the hostel list is out?

good news?? nah! *emo*

gt kick all the way to TTU area n god knows i might just starve n die dere..haha

dun rely now wat to expect frm the hostel actually..just hoping for the best!

p/s: so for those of u who plan to come over n visit me pls remember to bring good food over ya!

Monday, September 5, 2011

my 21st birthday!! ^^v

as promised. my birthday post! ^^v

i noe its a bit late bt its not easy either to pick picture n upload it here cz da photos were everywhere! had few cameras going round dat evening..hehe

uploaded more hotos in fb tho =)

anyway,celebrated my 21st birthday @ mizi bistro, new world park! they served one of the best mushroom soup ever!! soooooo nice dat u wont leave even a drop left in the bowl! xD

anyway, i wanted something special for my 21st birthday cake n decided to design my own!hehe

nice?yes? thank you!

decided to add cupcakes around the main cake to add my effect on theme : spring =) and the cupcakes are also the doorgift for every guest of the evening

photo with the cousins before the party begins!

photo with janice, aka secretary of sap ha sap ha gang! n we wore the same themed dat evening!! <3

family photo with parents! all so pinky! <3 <3 <3

cousins! janice n jamie~

n little herlisher wanted to join in too! look at her cheeky face!! so cute~~

cake cutting ceremony. n little herlisher wanted to blow the candles with me..haha

err..i dunu wats everyone looking at actually..haha distraction!

n she wana cut the cake with me too! haha

last but not least...a photo with my birthday cake! although i spend a lot on it, bt no regrets! cz i love it soooo much! xD