Wednesday, November 14, 2012

accessories shopping for chirstmas =)

hohoho! r u ready for christmas? i know i know..its one and half months more to go.. bt dont u feel the mood already? cz the decorations are up now! xD

christmas is always the most awesome-est time to do shopping! cz they will b sales everywhere and at the same all the things sold are just cute n pretty!hehe

went to straits quay the other day with both my friends, jes n khaw! (if u forgot how the look like already..please check out my previous post.. xD )  we were supposr to go there for marshmallow before goin to the rt ended saw this happening flea market there..couldn't help it bt to go shopping! hahaha

my buys for the day!

red ribbon hair band! so cute and girly~~ xD  oh! dun bother asking me how much and all, cz dats da last piece! hiak hiak hiak!! super love it!

bought the one of a kind earrings! so christmas feel a~~ one side santa n the other reindeer! ops! means if i wear basically separating santa from his reindeer??? O.O

shall end this post with my cacat-ed bangs..hahaha

update: when to cut my bangs! wil update soon to show you my new hairstyle! stay tuned~ ^^