Monday, January 17, 2011

genting part 1

ok.finally managed to find some time to blog bout this superly duperly outdated post!LOL

went to genting during sem break last year ( which was exactly 1mth ago frm today)..hehe when u go for a holiday, wat is the most important aspect that you wil look into?

will it b the places of interest? food? transportation? or mayb the accomadation?

to me.. getting a good n comfy hotel is important. cz u will sleeping in dere the whole night! u need a good rest to recharge your energy so that u can enjoy ur trip the following day, yes? pla dun tell me u dun mind staying in hotel dat could easily turn out to b the best habitat of a rat or mayb some hanuted hotel a~

anyway, this is our hotel in genting! we stayed at resort world that time. definitely a thumbs up! xD

the tv cabinet n writting desk

our comfy bed! 1 queen sized + 1 single bed

now..lets take a look at the toilet! toilet is important too! who wants to bath in a yucky slimy toilet rite?? so toilet is definitely one of first few things that i wil check out when i check into a hotel room..hehe

i prefer shower over bathtub actually. cz i find shower more hygenic..hehe *im not an OCD btw...

the dressing table! the dressing table and closet ( 2 closets to be exact!) is in a room of its own! happyness! :)

now i can camwhore in there myself! =p

can even get a camwhore partner dere too!

my camwhore partner says we can camwhore in the lift too! lol

n this is the lift area!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

i need sponsors!

yello peeps! sorry for not updating.. had been real busy this few weeks... new sem has everything including our timetable went chaotic. i rely dunu how those smart ppl up dere did our timetable.. the course n time clashes here n dere for the whole class! so everyone do not know when n where to attend lecture. wat group are they in and etc.. real haywire!! :S

thank buddha its all over now! finally i can hav a standard timetable n im NOT LOST anymore!! rely dun like that feeling where u do not know when and where to go..wats up next? lecture? yes no? wat sub? clueless..hate that chaotic-ness!!

not only tat, had been busy finding sponsorships for the upcoming spring fest. our chinese society wil b organising the 5th spring festival in conjuction wif chinese new year this year!(will blog bout that event later on).

so now, most of my time are spent either in lecture or calling sponsor! n i can now teel u dat im bankrupt! my phone bill is giving me heart attack! ><

and the sad part is...i stil need a main sponsor! someone pls b kind and sponsor our event! pls..........

trying to do some puppy eye plus emo effect to get more sponsor.. but obviously fail to the max!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

what should u do when u r on a long journey or lining up in an endless q??

especially when u r see this amount of humans ahead....

so what do u do??

my ans would camwhoring session!!

yes u r rite! camwhore as much as u wan to occupy urself :)

u can camwhore in the car even though the space is super limited n everyone is cramp up too. like the one above!! xD

or grab a camwhore partner who is in the same situation as u and are equally vain n bored in the car....

better to a random place with ur camwhore partner n ask someone else to snap a pic of u both

oh! i forgot..u can experiment the different mode of lightings or watever in ur camera or hp too.. in this case i choosed sepia......

u can try different facial expression also. b creative! as long as u dun freak out the poor human sitting beside u....

and finally u realised.. that u hav already reach the destination!! so end your camwhoring session wif a decent and smiley pic!

so now u noe how to occupy yourself without getting bored n growing mushrooms on your head rite?

go go try n tell me how u feel alright? :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

bye bye 2010 and hello 2011!!

hie everyone!!

happy belated x5 new year! LOL

wishing all of you a great year ahead and success always!!

to all my loyal readers, thanks for stopping by to hear my nonsense all the time! :)

to new readers...

hie! dis is me! in case u dunu who am i. LOL
and welcome to my blog! :)

so yea...this is my first blog of the year!!hehe
the year 2010 in a nutshell is indeed a great year for me! i must say that i truky enjoyed myself a lot last year despite facing many changes and challenges in my life..
hmm..that particular year made the biggest changes in my life to be exact! why?
1. gt my FIRST choice of course and also in the public university that i wanted! yea!its like double bingo for me.. im seriously very grateful and thankful for being offered this course! oh! in case u doing degree in mechanical engineering major in design and innovation right now.
so now u may wonder..what? mechanical enginering for a girl? are u nutz or smth? well..i would say..its 21st century now..and girls and guys are all equal aren't they?hehe
2. first time in my entire life to leave my hometown and stay all by myself in a new place called malacca!
call me pampered brat or smth bt thats true... :( im forever stuck in penang island that i think i've been to seberang perai (mainland) less than 10 times in my entire life!LOL
so travelling all the way south living alone without any relatives here in malacca was a challenge to me at first.. However, thank Buddha that i've pull it through and in fact enjoying myself here!xD
3. i survived sem1!haha
to be honest..i was afraid and do not noe what to expact cz the word enginnering sounds bold n tough to me!bt only Buddha knows wat went wrong wif my brain that i picked this course as my first choice in the end and survived sem1.LOL
4. not to forget, the working experience i've gained as part timer.
in 6mths time, i've managed to expereinced working as a part timer in 3 total different field!
i've worked in a perfume shop and also as a brand ambassador for both nestle nescafe and friskies pet food!LOL
its like few mth u wear pretty clothes and work at air-con perfume shop then suddenly u r off preparing samples of nescafe in supermarket and promoting them and follow by promoting pet food in supermarkets!haha
so...after reading all this, don't u think that 2010 is indeed a remarkable and interesting year for me?xD
i will always remember all the wonderful things that happened in the year 2010 in my heart. but at the same time i should move on and welcome the year 2011 wif open arm! rely hope that this year would turn out to be better year than 2010. *crossed finger*