Tuesday, December 27, 2011

how i celebrate my tang yuen day?

to me, tang yuen day nothing big all along. mayb it was because we never really celebrate it..and i dun rely fancy tang yuen.. dunu y..bt not up to my liking..hehe

was kinda surprised that to some of my friends, dat day was smth important to them...haha

anyway, aunty gave each of us a bowl of tang yuen dat evening..n we (me n my roommate) decided to camwhore with it!LOL

feeding my penguin tang yuen~ yum yum!!

and then my turn to be fed! LOL

bt after a bite of tang yuen...

i turned into da cutest zombie ever! *b zombie also must be cute wan mer*

and we became transparent?? LOL

and then became chao da! hahah

gosh! wat sort of caption n story im crappin here! =S

it must b da finals stress... xP


some1 told me dat tang yuen day will b da coldest day in the year. so true!!

dat it started snowing in my hostel room!! o.O

see!! thank god! we had our lab coats on to give ur warmth~ xP

Monday, December 26, 2011

will b back!

it has been a long time since i last update..hehe

was really busy with my stuff n finals is round da corner..will b back!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

my oil paint cedera parah! T.T

they did nt take good care of my oil paint.. n da plastic effect thing tore!!! T_T

u see! so sad owkay!! :(

btw, today is da last day of the art exhibition d..

n im stil stuck in malacca... cant even go dere n say hi to it... :((

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

my art piece is in USM school of art!!

still remember this???

yea! my STPM masterpiece~

wondering y im posting it up again?hehe

cause my oil paint is now exhibited in USM school of art!!! *proud*

it has been few years now (ok.now u noe im old..lol) bt they stil keep? wow!

i wana go USM n visit my art piece!!!! and mayb snap a pic or 2 with it.. i wan i wan!!!

*masterpiece stay there n when i go back to penang i will find u! xoxo~

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ever had this feeling??

* quote was taken from facebook

hav u ever had this feeling before?

the feeling sure is awful isnt it?
yes, i believe so..
this person were so nice to you..
but you felt its normal due to da friendly-ness..

the whole world start to think n see it in a different way..
story telling session..
they tell u their assumptions and make it as tho its so real...

til u started to think,
do i mean smth to that person?
or is it just some act of friendly-ness?
then u start to get confuse on every act..
and million question start popping out in your mind..
you could not find the answer..
left with no choice bt to answer your own question

telling youself..
enough is enough!
dun assume!

seeking for the answer...

bt end up with no answer!
*big SIGH! *

Monday, October 10, 2011


today's lecture was a little different! our lecturer change the venue to a park instead of the same old lecture hall...

i find it interesting tho~ park! lots of fresh air that kept my brain cells working..and also playground for me to play!!! when was the last last time i sat on the swing??hmm...

at least im nt sleepy today during today's lecture..if today's lesson were to be in lecture hall, i would have doze off as usual in da middle of class.. :p

the park near ZOO malacca! xD

if only the transport problem thing is solved..then i would prefer n look forward for more classes to be held outside lecture hall.. :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011


im back!

had been busy with all sorts of stuff in uni lately... lots of meeting, gatherings and what not..causing me lack of sleep n walk to class like zombie everyday..

i secretly suspect stefan frm vampire diaries sneak in my room and suck blood..dats y im forever tired da next morning...

bt anyway, im back wif a happy mood today. finally no more meetings late at nite! ^^v

apart frm that, i think i've finally learn to let go! n stop guessing and answering on behalf of others on those question i myself asked... n mayb i think too much..

i just cant explain this feeling of joy i had and definitely words cant describe it out! just be happy for me n share the joy, will u? xD

watever is urs wil always be urs....n dun assume stuff cz ur not god! :)




*big smile*

Thursday, September 8, 2011

hostel list is out!!!

yup. finally the hostel list is out?

good news?? nah! *emo*

gt kick all the way to TTU area n god knows i might just starve n die dere..haha

dun rely now wat to expect frm the hostel actually..just hoping for the best!

p/s: so for those of u who plan to come over n visit me pls remember to bring good food over ya!

Monday, September 5, 2011

my 21st birthday!! ^^v

as promised. my birthday post! ^^v

i noe its a bit late bt its not easy either to pick picture n upload it here cz da photos were everywhere! had few cameras going round dat evening..hehe

uploaded more hotos in fb tho =)

anyway,celebrated my 21st birthday @ mizi bistro, new world park! they served one of the best mushroom soup ever!! soooooo nice dat u wont leave even a drop left in the bowl! xD

anyway, i wanted something special for my 21st birthday cake n decided to design my own!hehe

nice?yes? thank you!

decided to add cupcakes around the main cake to add my effect on theme : spring =) and the cupcakes are also the doorgift for every guest of the evening

photo with the cousins before the party begins!

photo with janice, aka secretary of sap ha sap ha gang! n we wore the same themed dat evening!! <3

family photo with parents! all so pinky! <3 <3 <3

cousins! janice n jamie~

n little herlisher wanted to join in too! look at her cheeky face!! so cute~~

cake cutting ceremony. n little herlisher wanted to blow the candles with me..haha

err..i dunu wats everyone looking at actually..haha distraction!

n she wana cut the cake with me too! haha

last but not least...a photo with my birthday cake! although i spend a lot on it, bt no regrets! cz i love it soooo much! xD

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

just wana post smth~

i just wana post smth here bt i hav nothing to post... ><

i hv topics lining up for me to write bt im lazy to write them...

i hv pics to be uploaded bt they all in the other laptop...

therefore im writting nonsense here right now! =)


Thursday, August 18, 2011

sneak preview : my 21st birthday

hey all! will blog bout my 21st birthday party soon~ til i sort everything out first ler..

there were so many photos taken that evening til i go blind browsing through 1 by 1.. xP

meanwhile.. let me show u my birthday cake of the day! hehe

TADAA!! a birthday cake with golden key + cupcakes surrounding it!! ^^v

what do u think?? it took me a while to design these n send it over to bakery..hehe

Monday, August 15, 2011

gelatomio @ gurney plaza new wing

moo-sew randomly came to gurney the other day n ajak me go ber-gelato wif her..haha

ya..i noe im outdated bt dats my first gelato ever... :(

n i love it!! soooooo nice n not dat pricey..cheaper den swensen lo..hehe

this is mine! i order cup wafer while she ordered the cone version..hehe

i think i had double choc n blueberry cheesecake dat day..sooooooooo nice! i wana go again!! any1 wana date me dere?hehe

Saturday, August 13, 2011


its saturday again!!

day after day n week after week passed in a blink of an eye! n i just cant seem to catch up with time.. n im doing the same old routine day n night without even realising how fast time past.. it feels as though it was yesterday; the day i came back frm malacca for my 4months break.. bt gosh! wake up daphne! look at the calender!! its coming to the end of ur holiday!!

now, looking backwards..wat hav i done these few months? anything special?? nah...

4 months is not a short period of time nor a long period of time too..

bt if u rely hav determination to do something..i believe 4months is more than enough to make smth work! or at least a kick-start rite?

so mayb i shud start to appreciate my last month of holiday??xD

n enjoy myself to da fullest!!^^v

Thursday, August 11, 2011

nail art again! xD

lazy wana blog recently...no blogging mood..

so just wana share my latest nail art design with u all..xD gt hello kitty de fwen,melody sumore wan k? hehe

taken in da bus on the way to ipoh~ xDD mayb wil blog bout ipoh IF my mood is back..hehe

taken in my room! love da lighting~~

so what do u think? place comment to allow improvement ya?hehe

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

camwhoring mood is back!

wah! i thought i wil never camwhore ever again in my life! cz the mood just went missing like suddenly~ feeling lazy to snap sui sui photo of myself n all...

bt who knows the mood is back! a little... ya..only gt little bit mood nia..thus explain the few photos up here... :(




only 3 photos...T_T

bt do let me know which 1 looks better alrite? if all also look ugly to u den let me noe also la...so mayb i can quickly get an appointment wif a plastic surgeon in korea or smth... LOL xP

Sunday, July 17, 2011

double tone nail art :)

my recent nail art..

as of course its pink! my favourite colour~ hehe

rose frm the organizer while i was performing for a buddhist :)

bt unfortunately it only last me a week (or less)..the colour start to chip n i cant tahan seeing imperfect nail art bt to remove all of them :(

who say OPI nail polish last long?? or is it just me being to rough?? ><

evil twin spotted!

once upon a time, good daphne was fb-ing happily in fb...

then sudd...

her evil twin appear frm nowhere n started chatting wif her!! oh no........

* the evidence*



moral of da story is... sometimes ur evil twins wil appear in fb n chat wif u

Sunday, July 3, 2011

my first visit to the sticker booth!!

ya ya i noe im kinda bit old to visit the sticker booth now... bt i hv never try dat im my entire life before!! so sad rite my life? haiz...

so the other day dunu who randomly suggest while we were passing the shop n they suddenly every gt excited n decided to give it a try! LOL

n i tell u..taking photo with the machine is stressful at times..cz u hav limited time to pose, review ur photo n den edit ur photo! plus we hv so many ppl so u can hear things like eh..try dis try that..har..dat 1 dat 1..so on...hahaha

so i guess dis the best dat we can come up to?

presenting ......


Sunday, June 19, 2011

super serious issue!!!

i hav a confession!!!

shit!! i think i just lost my love n talent to camwhore!!!

the urge to camwhore is no longer in me~~~ T_T

more ranting today....

hey everyone~ sorry for disappearing for some time... like wat i've said in previous post..smth went wrong wif my account n i could not sign in for the pass few weeks i guess....and it just kills my blogging mood off!!!

so i guess today i wil be ranting here and some how get my blogging mood back?LOL

oh ya! in case ur stil outdated..im back in penang..almost 1 month already! bt dun worry...not going back to malacca dat soon yet... so if anyone wana date me den just text me or give me a call ya?xD

so in order to prevent my brain cells from rotting like a piece of expired gardenia bread..i choose to get a part time job!

and this time i've decided to do smth different...no sales or marketing bt more to paper work job!haha i dunu why? bt i like to try different different field when i work part time..dun really like to go back to da same field unless they offer really good pay!xP ya ya..for sure u r gona say im money face wan~ bt put aside experience, $$ is almost one of the most important factor at the end of the day when u received pay cheque rite?hehe

thinking back..i think i've work in quite a number of place before!haha bt the experience that i've got was really useful for me..at least i know how different company manage their business and staff rite? and also i hav rough figure on how the world is like...as i guess im already 1 step closer to the working life once i step my feet into the uni..

Saturday, June 18, 2011

im back!!

i dunu wat happen recently..bt blogspot doesnt wana let me sign in here..thus explains my *poof* lost in the world of my own...

now that i hav lot of things goin around me..i just dunu where to begin??? :s

so dis is my current photo..n please ignore the puffy unmanageable hair... :(

Friday, May 20, 2011

wil update soon! xD

hey there!! <3

sry for updating in such a long time..had been real busy ever since finals end..

and im off to kl for 1 week camp..

do stay tune for further updates!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

go away nightmare!! T.T

hmm.. do u agree with me dat exams are tiring??

in my case..i am..dun ask me why..cz im stil figuring out.. =S

could not have proper sleep at nite..my mind is restless when im suppose to be resting..what am i thinking? smth went wrong with the system in my head i guess..

oh! n these few days nightmares are haunting me! T.T

so tired n cant wait to get over with it n get back my life.. exam = no life.. u cant enjoy..

even though u manage to find some tiny bit time to enjoy, the guilt of not studying is always haunting u.. haiz..

better go study now..bye!

Friday, April 22, 2011

the arrival of .....

deng deng deng....






yup... finals is here again...



when im ready for exams to be honest...haha

bt tha prob is my studying progress is like even slower than a senior citizen tortoise!! T.T


continue emo ler... ^^v

Thursday, March 24, 2011

where did my time fly to???

fiuh... 1 presentation went down..bt many more coming up... ><

so many things to finish up bt too little time given! i always feel so...
bt as i wander..m i the only one who feel so? or every1 is basically going through the same thing and experience as me?

i start counting down the amount of work i've completed or done this sem..bt to my surprise i couldn't recall anything big or significant dat took up most of my time n energy... okla..mayb besides helping out in Spring Fest and all..i rely couldn't figure out where my time flew to...

it has been a long time since i last feel energised or recharged...sleeping to me now is like an extra bonus for me...so busy dat i cant even find a proper time to rest wat more to sleep??
guess wat? i can even dosed off while typing my assignment ...or worst stil while holding my notes... cz i dont even realised dat i've already fell asleep! ><

cant wait for the day when everything is over~

Sunday, March 6, 2011

genting part 3 ~

so who says u cant find good food in genting?raise up ur hand pls....hehe

r u sure?? cz i dont think this statement is true...hmm..mayb u should explore genting thoroughly next time cz i did have good food the last trip~ xD

some of the photos taken to temp your taste bud! =D

the pastries are soooo shiny.this is making the drum in my tummy to start playing~haha

and this one is basically telling me : eat me!! lol

don't you think the desserts are pweetttty? hehe

went there during xmas season...thus explains the christmas candy n all..hehe

our thumbs up latte!hehe

so? do you agree with me that u can stil find good food in genting?xD