Tuesday, August 23, 2011

just wana post smth~

i just wana post smth here bt i hav nothing to post... ><

i hv topics lining up for me to write bt im lazy to write them...

i hv pics to be uploaded bt they all in the other laptop...

therefore im writting nonsense here right now! =)


Thursday, August 18, 2011

sneak preview : my 21st birthday

hey all! will blog bout my 21st birthday party soon~ til i sort everything out first ler..

there were so many photos taken that evening til i go blind browsing through 1 by 1.. xP

meanwhile.. let me show u my birthday cake of the day! hehe

TADAA!! a birthday cake with golden key + cupcakes surrounding it!! ^^v

what do u think?? it took me a while to design these n send it over to bakery..hehe

Monday, August 15, 2011

gelatomio @ gurney plaza new wing

moo-sew randomly came to gurney the other day n ajak me go ber-gelato wif her..haha

ya..i noe im outdated bt dats my first gelato ever... :(

n i love it!! soooooo nice n not dat pricey..cheaper den swensen lo..hehe

this is mine! i order cup wafer while she ordered the cone version..hehe

i think i had double choc n blueberry cheesecake dat day..sooooooooo nice! i wana go again!! any1 wana date me dere?hehe

Saturday, August 13, 2011


its saturday again!!

day after day n week after week passed in a blink of an eye! n i just cant seem to catch up with time.. n im doing the same old routine day n night without even realising how fast time past.. it feels as though it was yesterday; the day i came back frm malacca for my 4months break.. bt gosh! wake up daphne! look at the calender!! its coming to the end of ur holiday!!

now, looking backwards..wat hav i done these few months? anything special?? nah...

4 months is not a short period of time nor a long period of time too..

bt if u rely hav determination to do something..i believe 4months is more than enough to make smth work! or at least a kick-start rite?

so mayb i shud start to appreciate my last month of holiday??xD

n enjoy myself to da fullest!!^^v

Thursday, August 11, 2011

nail art again! xD

lazy wana blog recently...no blogging mood..

so just wana share my latest nail art design with u all..xD gt hello kitty de fwen,melody sumore wan k? hehe

taken in da bus on the way to ipoh~ xDD mayb wil blog bout ipoh IF my mood is back..hehe

taken in my room! love da lighting~~

so what do u think? place comment to allow improvement ya?hehe