Saturday, December 29, 2012

Experiment 101 : The Magnificent Coke!!

just a quick update to make my blog alive!hehe

had been curious all these while after listening lots of ppl say how coke can actually clean a toilet bowl (bt cleaning i mean REAL clean.. ok? )

they even have you tube videos and so on.. bt this never stop me from questioning myself.. 

sure a not? gt so pro meh?? can clean til lidat.. they sure gt do smth or mix smth to the drink wan.. if cn clean til lidat means the drink sure very gai to our stomach liao lo?? if so teruk..government where cn let them sell o? rite rite rite??

so..after tahan-ing the curiousity for years.. finally we had decided to try it out! xD

MISSION :  to clean the basin in the toilet with only a bottle of coke + a brush to scrub it!


so.. now let us see the condition of the basin before the mission start alrite? 
( please do not scroll down if you are eating.. later you puke i dunu a.. )




the bacteria-ful of basin! LOL




so.. do u tink coke can do the job? xD

come on.. place your bet here..hahaha

and the answer is....


the end result!! clean anot??  you say la! @@

 and the best part is.. you dun rely have to scrub it! the dirt will come off itself! all you nid to do is.. just pour the coke on the basin.. the you will see some immediate chemical reaction thing happen (like the ones we always see in lab kind) then after that just use the bus to wipe the dirt off! that simple!!

its even more simple that using a bottle of detergent! use detergent sumore nid to wait for few minutes den nid scrub and all.. this one, so simple! OMG!

incase.. you stil dun believe it yet.. let me show you a compiled version!

the one on the left is my friend, calvin. he is the one conducting the experiment actually..haha bt im the photographer! xD

anyway, after seeing all this things, dont you find coke magnificent?? its a drink and yet a cleaning agent!! hola~ 2 in 1..

p/s: sometimes i always wonder, if i wana cleanse my stomach.. cn i just drink a bottle den jump up and down to spread the drink thoroughly in my stomach.. then drink mayb another cup of plain water? wont my tummy be clean and free from bacteria already? xDD

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