Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Meet my self made western breakfast!

Wake up earlier than usual n feeling energised today! ^^

N first thing I saw when I stepped out of my room was housemates busy preparing breakfast n bento..so the kepo me when to kacau them~hehe

But end up seeing so much food in the kitchen make my stomach rumble !lol

But I have nothing left to eat! >< it had been awhile since I last went to groceries shopping.. :(

However,Wen Yee,my housemate was so kind that she donated her sausage n ham to me! *happiness*

Thus, the western breakkie set is born! Fried egg ( I love egg with raw egg yolk wan!), pan fried sausage n ham served with 2 packets of McD chilli sauce!LOL add on: a bottle of multigrain v-soy to complete my meal! yums!!

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