Tuesday, January 29, 2013

how to : homemade popcorns. ready in 3minutes!

this post is specially for all POPCORN LOVERS out dere!  ^^

buying popcorns from the cinemas or shop is kinda costly if u really compare the selling price with  the cost price. basically 50cents of dried corn  would give u a big bowl of popcorn in the end! xD

so let me share with you the recipe i used to made the popcorns just now ( ya.. i really did it like 30mins ago) hahaha

ingredient :

1. dried corns. in case you dont know how they look like.. here you go..

(photo credits to google )

you cn get it from mini markets or even super markets like Tesco. dirt cheap like mad!! 

2.  sugar
3. a small cube of butter
4. a tablespoon of oil

dats it! only 4 ingredients and i bet 3 out 4 of the ingredient is already in ur kitchen. LOL


  1. Pour the oil into you pan/wok and turn on the medium fire. ensure dat da whole surface of the pan/wok is   coated with a thin layer of cooking oil.
  2. Once the oil is hot, turn the fire to the smallest mode. Pour in the dried corns. REMEMBER TO COVER THE PAN/WOK! you dont want your pop corn to pop into your whole kitchen, do you? haha
  3. After 1 minutes, you will hear the popping sound of the popcorn. once the sound stops, your popcorn is ready!
  4. Pour the popcorns into a bowl
  5. Put the sugar and butter into the pan/wok and melt it.
  6. Pour in the popcorns made just know into the pan/wok and stir well to make sure all the popcorns is coated with caramel.
  7. Your popcorns is ready to be served! enjoy! ^^

this is da one i made just now.. hehe go try out ya! ;)

bye! gotta enjoy it over a good movie in front of my new smart TV. hehe

Sunday, January 27, 2013

how to : 5 simple steps to glittering gold gradient nail art

CNY is coming! but r u prepared for it? new clothes, new bag, new shoes... but how bout your nails? don't you wana make them pretty and flaunt it? xD

yes! i know u want them to be pretty too! but at this peak season, its kinda hard to make booking rite? cz everything seems to be full! and pricey too! >< 

like for instant my hairstylist.. called to make apointment they other day and he said the saloon is fully book for the time being and the next available date would be half a month later! like.. OMG! gt so kua zhang ma?? cut hair nia wor~ 

anyway, for your nails, worry not as i m here to share with you girls out dere on how to beautify your nails with only 5 simple steps! yes! 5 only~ 

here we go :

Step 1 : Paint a layer of base coat. 

 base coat is a very important step whenever you plan to apply any nonsense on your nails because they PROTECT your nails. trust me, a good base coat wil prevent they shitty chemical from killing your nails. you dun wana have yellow or stained nails upon removing the nail polish later on rite? :)

Step 2 : Paint the tip of your nail with bronze/ any light brown nail colour

For my case, i used Elianto Silky brown (07) to paint it.  apply 1 thin coat will do. this step is done to actually cover all the small spaces between the gold glitter later on.

Step 3 : Apply a  fine gold glitter on the second portion of your nail

i used Etude House Sequin Crystal Gold (04) from LUCIDarling range. apply just 1 layer of colour below the brown colour i have applied just now. do not worry yet if the colour do not blend in 

Step 4 : Apply a layer of bigger gold glitter on top of the bronze/ light colour applied in step 2

i used Etude House Spangle Dazzling Gold (09) from LUCIDarling range. apply the whole tip of the nail covering most of the brown colour applied ealier.

Step 5 : Apply top coat on the whole nail

last but not least, apply the top coat on the whole nail. top coat is very important for this nail art because :

a. it dissolves the top layer of the previous painted nail colour and helps to blend in all the colour creating a smooth gradient toning
b. protects the colours and glitters form fading 
c. adds shine to the whole nail art 

so there you go! 5 simple steps and tadah! pretty glittering gold gradient nail art ready to be flaunt during CNY! :)

u can also mix and match with other colour of your choice too! try it and let me know hows your result alright? xD

oh! summary of the nails colours used :

1. Base coat - The Faceshop
2. Silky brown (07) - Elianto
3. Sequin Crystal Gold (04) from LUCIDarling range - Etude House
4. Spangle Dazzling Gold (09) from LUCIDarling range - Etude House
5. Top Coat - Etude House

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

happy 2013!

ola! happy new year to everyone!

so fast 2012 has come to an end.. and a new year has begun! so hows 2013 treating u all so far?

hope is good! ;)

so since the world hasn't end and we all alive, so please cherish watever you have now and at the same time strive for a better 2013! cheer!!

me with a big smile wishing you HAPPY NEW YEAR sincerely from the bottom of my heart! <3 p="p">