Saturday, November 3, 2012

love hate relationship wif my bangs!!

ya..this relationship had been going since forever! n its never solve! ><

n im sure many of the girls out dere are facing the same problem!

 to keep bangs or not?


side or dolly type??

den we start thinking n thinking.. n we just couldn't made our decision. wat if i change den i turn out ugly?? i will seriously hide myself in da room til da punny part of hair grow again i tell u!!

bt for the record of the time, i always had bangs.. dunu y.. mayb deep inside dere is a cute part of me who insist my brain to cut bangs..hahaha

(oh gosh! sudd realised y i look so different in every photo wan??! o.O )

bt the thing is.. bangs grows so fast.. n i would call it high maintenance.. once cut i can b pretty n cute for few weeks only..n the horrid moment comes..whereby my bangs is so long that i cant see things anymore! its so disturbing cz it keep on block my view! argh!!

see! no more cute liao.. T.T

but can be useful for Halloween la~ xP

but since halloween is over n all..n i gt super beh tahan wif the overgrown bangs... i decided to pin them up for good! n left the question ; to cut bangs or not.. unanswered..haha

n this is how i look now.. 

yay or nay?? feedback pls! xD

n last photo wif my pororo! <3 p="p">

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