Monday, May 31, 2010

wesak day

woot! its wesak again! i hearts wesak! hehe

as usual..dis year we went to help out in the temple during this festive season :)

which temple? zeng zeng zeng.....its Mahindara Buddhist Temple

dere you go..a map to guide you there :)

* took those 2 pictures from google..hehe *


some pictures taken during wesak eve

this is my lotus candle! err... not exactly belongs to the whole family :)

was taken before the lighting up ceremony

after the lighting up ceremony! they look gorgeous at night.. guess how many candles were lighted up that night?






its 5500!!!

5500 candles lighted up at once...whee..its pweety...

my nephew with his lotus candle

photo taken at night before we leave the temple..em..around 11smth pm i guess

the statue of the past 24 buddhas.. the flower arrangement were pweety too! they used yellow lilies!!

reclining buddha

the real buddha relics! original wan k..

wesak day!

helped to make milk drink ( aka air bandung) in the temple....

it was kinda fun tho.... had been doing it for few years d..

the process is kinda simple..we collect the milk which were offered to the buddha in the temple...then mix with some special ingredient to make the milk drink...

and...we serve them to all devotees for free!

wana noe the recipe?

1 litre of low fat milk

1 litre of fresh milk

2 tablespoon of rose essence

1 tablespoon of red colouring

1/2 cup of syrup ( boiled with pandan)

last but not least..

lots and lots of love!!!


jamie serving the drinks :) omg..our face looked tired...

group picture! em..basically the group are my family members!haha

our ambassador!! haha

after a whole day of hard work.. i was awarded my first reiki treatment! whee..
its suppose to de-stress you using some qi thing... something lidat la..haha

the last picture :

3 members from the sap-ha-sap-ha gang :)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

bunjee jumping handphone

damn! shit!..wth...*screams*

my hp committed suicide yesterday! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

now im left handphone less!! all the data in the phone is gone!!

lesson learn : do not depend on your phone too much and stuff every single thing in it!!

i feel like committing suicide as well.... grrrrrrrrr

haiyo... what hand phone shud i get next?

no iphone pls...

sony ericson or nokia?

comment here to help me decide :'(

btw.. please let me noe your contact number cz not all contacts is saved in the sim card. just leave it in the comment below. dont leave in it the chat box k?

thx...wana continue emo-ing alredi

Thursday, May 27, 2010

double date with arabica and robusta

so this is how im gona spend my weekend ><

sneak preview :)

-making friends with arabica & robusta coffee beans

-learn more about them ( how to be their good friend)

- join them! where?

-where else? here lar...

wana be their friends too? come and visit me here and i'll tell you how.. c ya there! muax...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

mum mum outing :)

ok..i noe this is kinda outdated but who cares rite?haha

had lunch with my ex-colleagues from B&L House of Fragrance in TGIF @ queensbay the other day.. oh..i forgot when is the exact date actually..wait! i remember..its thurday!
their off day!haha

wanted to try out dragon-i at first but we changed our mind to dine at TGIF instead.. aww...sorry dragon-i..maybe next time :)

so this was what we had dat day

appetizer : mac 'n' cheese

hmm..take a closer look..omg..this is making me hungry.. its actually some macaroni covered with lots n lots of cheese in it. then dip into bread crumbs and fried. i guess? haha

its delicious!!!!!!

the main course : sizzling chicken and shrimp! theres a large amount of cheese involved in the making of this dish! the cheese were sizzling away in the hot plate when the waiter bought it to us! yummylicious! thumbs up!


second main course : adobo chicken! sounds familiar?
if you are playing cafe world in facebook, im sure you are familiar to this dish. in cafe world if im not mistaken it takes you 14 freaking hour to cook this dish! oh, lucky! the chef in TGIF took only 14minutes to cook it.haha

and doesnt comes with french fries but instead theres a lil twist in it. it comes with fried sweet potatoes. in stripes of course! the orange colour wan.. that our mum used to cook 'huan zhu soup' as desert :)

alamak..forgot the drinks!

mine : hot chocolate

irene's : tropical oasis

colyn's : chocolate milk shake

definitely some shots before eating :)

ps: i heart the kitchen sign

Monday, May 24, 2010

buffet dim sum

woot! speaking of dim sum..have anyone of you been to a buffet dim sum? em.. mayb its already a common thing in town..

but as for me..its my first! i noe...i all might think that im such a sua pak kau right?

so, last saturday i went for a buffet dim sum in cititel hotel.

actually we do not have the intention to go for the buffet..we were just dere for the ala carte cz we did not even noe that there is thing buffet thing..

oh my! the price? it is superly cheap! like rm18.80 for bottomless dim sum + rm 2 for the tea

so its around rm21 lo.. the best part is..the dim sum will only be prepared upon ordering! so all your dim sum would be fresh from the steamer!

besides, you dont have to worry about the dim sum auntie walking around and keep on asking you anymore dim sum for can enjoy your delicious dim sum without any disturbance.hehe

hearts the egg tart! damn..they are so delicious and mouthwatering.. oh..and im not a egg-tart-person.. yet it taste so good to me.. they really did put a generous amount of butter in the crust.

tada! the siao long pao! as usual it comes with some ginger vinegar sauce!

and guess what? i was too busy enjoying the food that i only have 2 pictures of the food! ca the food are too tempting!

you shud go and try seriously..

oh! and i made my mum camwhore with me in the ladies! haha

ok..i think dats all.. you can just ignore the photos below to avoid any injuries in the eye..haha

- at home waiting for my cousins to arrive

- me & mum

- a quick shot in the car when the traffic lights turn red.haha

-last but not least a picture of myself in the hotel

ei? you are still reading?! omg.. get well soon to both of your eyes then :)

ps: i spot this hotel opposite cititel

and its called MODERN HOTEL!! got it right? wat? like this call modern r?

then this leh?

guess this is called vintage then..hahaha

seriously i was laughing my ass off that time

Friday, May 21, 2010

is the camwhoring skill still in me?


thinking of it.. it has been a long time since i last post vain pictures!haha

oh testing my camwhoring skill.

so here you go :)

so what do you think? do i still have the skill ? haha

ignore dont have to comment on it.. its some self-satisfaction thing