Saturday, December 1, 2012

how to : keep your leafy vegetable fresh for 1 whole week in the fridge

so i bet many of you (if u r a kitchen person) would have face this problem whereby ur vege in da fridge wilt like there's no tomorrow way before you could even manage to eat it.. rite??

same goes here.. ><

in uni, v usually only do marketing once a week (saturday). so we had no choice but to stock up our food supply for the whole on dat day. however, we often face this problem where by by wednesday, our vege in da fridge already turned in zombie!!!

and we ended throwing almost half of da vege we bought EVERY WEEK!! wat a waste rite??? O.O

BUT! worry no more! as im here today to share some tips with you on how to keep them fresh even after 1 week living in da fridge! hehe

see! you know wats is dis anot??

yes, correct! is da bag used to keep your cereals (eg. koko krunch) when u bought it! 

so..wat does dat have to do with keeping my vege fresh you would say... dun tell me you wana me to put my vege with the koko krunch meh?? @@

yes! correct! put your vege dere! bt not with your koko krunch pls... ==

so..everytime u finish eating your cereal, dont throw the bag away!!! they are precious~~ xD

just dump your vege in the bag den mayb get a rubber band to tie the other end.

ya! dats it! just dat simple~ and by doing so your vege will have a longer life! 

lettuce after 1 week! believe me anot? xD

so..wat are you waiting for?? go try go try~ den give me some feedback! or if u have any other tips to share, feel free to drop by at the comment area.. 




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