Sunday, October 31, 2010


wow! time rely flies!!! so fast...1sem is almost gone! n now its STUDY WEEK!!!!

sweating... finals is super round the corner and my progress is like a 100 years old tortoise.. T.T

dear finals,

please have mercy on me.. i wana be your friend badly.. please b my friend will u?


so for now.. im trying to insaf.. n study...

note the word "trying". cz wat i can say is dat i will rely TRY but i cant guarantee i can lo..haha

like yesterday, study week suppose to study.. bt? end up in jusco shopping!!lol

self note: daphne..u should rely insaf ler...

but sometimes i rely wana start studying..but i couldnt..

like now.. i just need to finish up assignments n lab report..

then i must report in to fb to update myself... last but least i need to report in here to say hi to all of u here!hehe

so yea... HIE EVERYONE!!!XD

ok. i think im going nuts soon due to the pressure. better stop here before i infect u.

oh!will not be able to update dat frequent til finals is over. so sorry ya?


Tuesday, October 26, 2010


ever since the haze the other day, the weather here went a lil bit chaotic..

rain pours randomly...

and the next thing u know sun shines suddenly...

was wondering wats happening up there??

so this is wat i see.. the-after-rain in my uni

a glimpse of the campus from the bus when i woke up. i tend to sleep through the whole journey to uni every morning if there a seat for me when i board the bus. the word 'SLEEP' is a luxury thing to me ever since we got back here from our raya break cz assignments and tests are piling up like crazee!

have u ever tried completing like 8 assignments in a single month with lots of test n quizes in between! yea.. this is wat im experiencing right now! :(

no joke man. my dark circles is now taking over my ugly face!! huhuhuhuhu...

the funny thing is..i somehow manage to sleep through the whole journey and yet wake up when the bus reached the guard house! miracle isnt it??lol


anyway my main reason of blogging wasnt about complaining my life here... so i shall cut all those nonsense out.. :)

ok.back to the topic.

was wondering this..

when i say the-after-rain..whats is the first thing that comes into your mind?

i mean..look around you..the scenary..your surroundings right after raining..wats your feeling? wats the best word to describe your emotion that particular moment??



you see the wet road..the dark sky..a tree with a wet bench underneth it..

do u feel lonely?

then you see water droplets dripping slowly from those leaves....

everything became glommy n slow... somehow the busy day few hours ago felt as tho its slowing down...

so what do you feel?

oh well.. as for me, i kinda find it reflecting my life here...

i was dumped here (okla.not dump la..i came here by choice) months ago in this new place called malacca. everything was a stranger to me. i had never leave home for such a long time plus im miles and miles away..

trying my best to cope up with everything n most importantly i wanted to make my parents proud of me! telling them dat : i can survive out there all by myself and finally their girl has grown up!!

first few weeks was hard. especially weekends where i could not find anything else to do besides staring the four walls in my miserable room at hostel...

holding back all my emotions and trying all my best to still plaster a smile on my face was hard when u know deep deep inside you really wana cry out loud n tell mummy i wana go home....

i know i could not afford to call back as i knew i could not hold back my tears. i rather sms back home n keep calls short..

until one day.. mummy called when i was sick. physically sick + home-sick really make me loose control. that moment, i just could not control myself as my tears starts flowing down..

dat was my biggest mistake!

mummy heard me crying and she too started to cry cz she could not bear to hear her girl suffering.. she even asked me to just quite n go back home if i could not stand the life over here..

after that call, it really strucked my mind! mummy has been sacrifising for me all this while. just because im having homesick and not happy here, without 2nd thoughts she asked me to go home and she will sponsor me to private college at home!

after the downpour (me crying), cloudy clouds starts clearing off n the sun starts the one in the picture above :)

and i tell myself : how can i be soo selfish?? its time to grow up! n i should really make my parents proud! so many people out dere wanted to get into local uni so badly n here i am trying to give up?? *smack myself*

so here i am, like the mushroom above!
sprouting happily and turning over a new leaf after the big heavy downpour..
i should grab this opportunity and make good use of it!
i will survive~ *big wide smile*


other irrelevent photos :

these mushroom sprout like nobody's business right after the heavy rain the day before. grew into such gigantic monsteric mushroom in one night!!!

got different kind and pattern sumore!haha

shot 1: i called it the double layered mushroomie!

shot 2 : typical nom nom mushroom! cz this one really looks like the one mummy used to cook de lo..hehe

(in case u dunu, nom nom= mum mum= nyam nyam= EAT! )

shot 3 : astro plate mushroom! dont u think it look like the astro plate u install outside your house to receive signal?haha

shot 4: double-layered mushroomie wif pimples! yea..see the polka dots dere?like pimples mer, no meh?lol

p/s: pictures shot wif my precious c903. hearts it soo muchie :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

ganguro street style

in case you dunu.. im actually taking up super basic japanese language now :)

so i was assign to do a assignment regarding japan...

ended up choosing JAPANESE STREET FASHION as my title!hehe

when ask about japanese street fashion, first thing dats comes to our mind would be lolita! n mayb some funky n unmatchable (to us) all jumble n worn together at the same time..

after doing some research.. i came across this particular style.. its called ganguro style!

oh my! dis style really caught my attention in a funny way.hahaha

according to mr. google:

a typical ganguro girl is to wear brightly coloured outfit, mini skirts n tie-dye sarong. the ganguro style consists of bleached hair, tan skin, fake eye lashes, black n white eyeliners, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and platform shoes


stil cannot imagine?

let me show u their picture






r u speechless now? i seriously cant imagine ppl in malaysia wearing this to go out shopping lor!haha
call me outdated or inadventerous or mayb no fashion sense.. but if i were to see one..yes..(one will do) fellawearing this style to out jalan jalan on the road.. i would have freak out lo! dats scary k? resembles mr. ah piau at night!hahaha
but anyways if you guys are being curious n would like to try out this style.. u may follow the guideline below on how to put on such make up..
but make sure u snap a pic of urself after doing so n show me k?hehe
dats d guideline.. hope u can read d hiragana

p/s: pictures were from googles actually cz i have not seen a real ganguro girls in my entire life!haha

Thursday, October 21, 2010

steamboat party!

still remember me telling you guys the reason why i brought along mr. rice cooker to malacca in my previousX871833919 post???
so yea. with the rice cooker, we really did have our steamboat party in the hostel!!!
we set a date n then divided the
those who are not having lecture on the that day were assign to shop for raw food in the MARKET!lol
mind u. my fwens makes good aunties in market k?lol
as for me.. im incharge of preparing + COOKING! me cooking?haha laugh as much as u wan =P
so these are the raw food they bought :)
closer shot for you :)

my all time favourite : enorki mushroom! LOVE THEM =)



super duper big tupperware of cabbage n veg(forget he name already).lol
they are suppose to make our soup tastier n since the minimum purchase would be the whole biji or cabbage n a bunch of we ended up wif a mountain of veg lo.hahaha

if im not mistaken, this is parsley! i know by right this is for garnishing but oh well..


shh.... u should be able to tell wats dis rite? so faham-faham la.. dun say out loud ya? ;)


according to my roommate, this is fu pei in cantonese.. its beancurd smth smth.. forget the exact name already.hehe


saefood tou fu! yummy!






and.. the most important ingredient.. tom yam paste as our base for the soup. *big wide smile*




while waiting for the soup to boil..

CHEERS!! for our hard work =)

psst...guess which one is my mug ;)


group pic while waiting for the soup to boil..hehe

big wide smile on our face but actually our stomach is grumbling already!hahahah



ok! dump everything into the cooker!



tadah! finally its cooked! everyone get ready wif your bowl + fork + spoon!

after countless rounds of steamboating.....


squecky clean ah the bowls n plates!lol

we even finished up the whole mountain of veg lor!hahaha

super bloated eh after the

then its clearing time!

me moping the floor!hehe
mind u. its not dat easy to pose like this k? cz while imasked topose like this..the water from the mop is dripping... n this cause the floor to be wet n theres a high chance of me falling down cz its so slippery!lol

but luckily i survived!hehe

after everything..we realised that its stil kinda early. do not know what to do.. so we ended up camwhoring using the webcam!hahha
smart le?

so at last we can have photos wif all 6 of us in it! YAY!!!

introducing my other 5 partners in crime :

shot 1

shot 2

shot 3

shot 4

shot 5 : everyone is incharged of posing wif a number!
no 1: me
no 2: wen yee
no 3: sook kuan
no 4: yee teng
no 5: wei yee
no 6: pui ling

shot 6 : wei yee is trying to be d ghost n the rest is supposed to pretend to be scared.hahaha

shot 7
we really enjoyed ourselves to the maximum that night.
psst... food party part 2 is coming up soon! :D

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

goodbye haze! :D

Fiuh!!! big relieve! finally the rain has come to save innocent earthlings like me XD

after sooooooooooo many hours of air intoxification.. finally buddha decided to grant us some rain to shoo mr.haze away!hehe





now at least i can see the buildings! no more genting misty look! no more yucky burnt air for my lungs at last :DDDDDD

however after the heavy down pour, the sun starts to show off his power! it became so glaring n hoooooot!!

its burning hot to be exact! :(

was wearing black jeans today n while i was walking from my lecture hall to the library i can feel as though my legs are burning. obviously my pants are absorbing the heat like nobody's business...

if the suns goes on like this.. IM SOOOOOOOO GONA MELT I TELL U! T.T

but anyways, thanks Buddha for shoo-ing the haze away! *wink*

p/s: sorry for being greedy, Buddha. but do u mind to turn the heat from the sun down a little? im BBQed + melting away. thanks! AMITABHA!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

haze haze go away! shoo!!

wow!!! haze is soooooooooo bad in malacca!! *cough cough*
see this n u wil know what i meant...

i could hardly see thing in front!! the air..ewww! smelt burnt all the time! yucks!
when i looking out from the library.. we were thinking, oh my! today so cold meh? cold till d mist outside became so thick r? we thought it gona b as cold as genting or smth..
but manatau.. exit the library.. n found out its haze!!!!
i can hear my lungs crying n asking for help! i was thinking : at first maybe god grant me to live up to 80 years old wan.. but after i breathe in the supeeeeeeeeeer polluted air today, oh my! im gona live til 79 years old d lo???
seriously, this is the first time me seeing such bad haze in my entire life!lol...
was wondering.. wat cause the haze r? izit cz of forest burning or smth?
so kinda outdated as i dun really read newspaper!haha
so can someone pls enlighten me? dun make me a 'frog under coconut shell' can? =)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

happy birthday!!

this post is dedicated to





miss jamie lim a.k.a my 'bf'

psst.. many of u may wonder y is she my so called 'bf'.. lol

oh well..she is basicaly one of my best cousin that i have ever ever had..

so good til she fetch me to school n back home every single day during her form 6 in my sch.. then, being 'hong so po'..we tend to hang out somewhere or mayb go round round makan makan before we go home after sch.. so in other words we are like dating!LOL

oh..n we did that not once in a while..but all the time!!haha

i miss those days..... XD

not only dat.. im proud to tell everyone that this motherly cousin of mine is alwayz dere for me..she tend to help me in every single thing that she could even without me asking..

somehow she is always dere to offer me help when i needed one!

even til now.. we are hundreds n hundreds kilometers away from each other n even home ( me in malacca n she is in sabah)... she even calls me off n on to see if im alright n if im coping wif my new life here. how could anyone wish for a better cousin than this, right?

oh! i must tell u dis!she even come all the way frm cyberjaya(doing her internship there dat time) to malacca by suprise just to accompany me to my uni during registration!!! n even asked her fwen to pick me up frm toll when i reached malacca! so touched wey......

plus plus..the other time when i was having stress to complete my never ending n clueless assignment here.. she helped me too! by giving me ideas on what to write n all... when she could have choose to just ignore me dat time..afterall its my assignment not hers.. but she did not!

basically, she never reject me when i needed her help!!

so now u know why mummy used to say dat she looks like my bf!haha

so 'bf' .. thanks for everything that u have done!! i really appeciate your help n care!

last but not least..



p/s: sorry for the late post..somehow internet connection is superly cacat today...

p/s 2 : due to length constrain.. i cut this post short 10000000000000000000times.. if i were to write every single thing she did here, my post would be longer that a roll of toilet roll (ok.mayb a bad example..longer than a roll of kitcehn roll then)!!

signing off,

ur 'gf' daphne

Friday, October 15, 2010

breakfast @ kp2

this is my first time having breakfast in kp (kafeteria pelajar) :)
i dun usually take such heavy food for breakfast but i do not have any other choice besides it so oh well... just eat lo
guess what i had?

its spagetti wif deep fried crabstick! our cafeteria is so 'in' that they served breakfast range from western to oriental!lol

n the best part is.. its superly cheap!

guess how much is my spagetti?

for a plate like dis, it only cost u RM1.60!!!

if i were to go eat outside, with RM1.60 i would end up with mayb a plate of raw spagetti without sauce?

sooooooooooo cheap rite?haha

however, the taste of it was ok ok only la.. wat do u expact frm a RM1.60 spagetti rite?lol

p/s: i was refering to cafeteria 2 ok? the new cafe vendor :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

self-reflection : im disappointed...

this is just my own reflection..really..u can choose to ignore it.




im disappointed wif myself.. seriously.. i dun get wats in my brain actually...

i study so hard..erm..okla..mayb not dat hard..but still... i studied ok? but i ended up being blank during exam hall..T.T

wats wrong wif me? wats d point for me to work so hard n i ended up losing memory/brain jam during exam?

is like as though im not studying at all..might as well just go play den when the time comes just go into the hall n take exam lo..since the end result would b almost d same...

u will never understand my feeling.. its miserable feeling helpless..

i look like a dumb dumb during exam :(

before exam..i can remember everything..can even them explain to my friend..

enter exam hall.. oh crap!wat did i studied just now?like total blank!!! den i started to stare at the paper..hopelessly..wishing buddha would fly to earth n save me....

so i ended up crapping in the whole paper n writting all the grandmama story i have created myself...

after exam.. darn!d answers slowly appear in my brain one by one hanuting me...

its frustrating u know??? i cant do anything anymore..felt like hiding in a corner n cry out loud for my stupidity...........


bt i know dere's no point crying now..haiz....

i really couldnt understand myself n why buddha created me dis way?...

Monday, October 11, 2010

no interent connection :(

oh no!!!

of all time, the wifi in my hostel choose to go haywire at this particular week!! :(

this is the time where everyone would be superly busy with assignment and the surver just have to choose to commit suicide now?why now? and not later?

frustration is the word to describe my feeling right now....

is like you now u have lots of stuff to do but u just couldnt do it...

and then you starts to worry bout all those dateline..

i hate this feeling... T.T this just adds up the amount of stress that you have had in you...

*bang head to the wall*

Thursday, October 7, 2010

exploring de-frindster cafe

was going through the photos in my hp n realised that i have not blog about this!haha

went to explore this place called de-friendster cafe @ bbbazaar, malacca the other time. actually our main to explore this placewas because they provide us free wifi!haha and their wifi is superly fast. therefore its the best place to download movie!hehe

anyway, to me, this restaurant is like another version of Kim Gary but wif less variety to choose from lo...

so this is their menu :)

most of us wanted to try somthing western so ended up ordering most of the food frm this

the environment :) kinda cozy in here.hehe

here comes our food!

my all time favourite milk tea!hehe

iced blended sour sop juice if im not mistaken

iced blended chocolate


shanghai something something! cannot remember

mine. but i could not remember wat i ordered d.hahaha

the food was at the ok-ok-state nia to me. but was super full after i finish up my portion. however, the others was not full so decided togo for second helping.

they ordered french fries to be shared among them :)

and 2 french toast! the french toast looks tempting i know..hehe
while waiting for them to eat i hav nothing better to do. so i decided to snap pics of them!muahaha

yee teng n wen yee wif their french toast :)

pui ling n wei yee with another french toast :)

a photo wif my roommate. excuse me for the bad hair day. for some unknwn reason, my hair looks poof-fy n fake :(

decided to cheers after we almost finish our drinks! =.="'
it must be my insane

after finishing everything, our movie stil could not finish downloading..(remember our main purpose of going there)
so no choice hav to wait dere..
waiting is boring. so wat else can we do besides camwhoring?haha
n we manage to make a series of shots sumore storyline also :P

so this is me n wei yee. one day, we came across a plate of al-mighty yucky leftover food on the table. we were so amazed that we when.. "oooo!!!uuuuuuuu! wa!!!!!!!" at it..

then an evil plan strikes wei yee's mind that she decided to...

force mw to eat that yucky wormy thing!! ewwwwwww....
see her evil
was trying my very best to escape n avoid the wormy thing until....

i be tahan, took the stirer n convert it into a sumurai sword to fight back! wei yee realised and convert hers into a sword too! then we start fighting!!! *ching chiang ching chiang*

stil fighting!! i almost defeat wei yee d!muahaha!!!

and oops! i stabbed her in the stomach unaccidently!lol
you got me right. unaccidently is the word! :P

wif all my mighty strength..i killed her!hehe

the end!

applause please ;)

credits to both the actress!hehe
hey! wats the auntie doing behind us.she ruin our happy ending d ler...

bt anyways, after all that, our movie berjaya didownload!hapiee!!!
now lets go home n enjoy leverage shall we? :P

so i shall end this post wif another vain picture of me n my all-time-favourite milk tea!
*big wide smile*