Wednesday, December 1, 2010

world record holder performing @ jonker

went to jonker the other day after our finals to jalan jalan.. n suddenly we came across this place with banners n spot light!

we were all so kepo dat time dat we decided to join in the crowd n waited to watch some performance...hehe

it has been a long long time since i watched some chinese kung fu fella doing some kind of kung fu thing by the road side while trying to promote their 'magic' medicated oil..guess the last time i watched those performance was soooooooooo many years back n i was just a little girl!haha

they used to have this kind of thing at gurney drive back then..everything time they perform, everyone wil gather around to watch. however once its time to selll their medicated oil, everyone starts to move away!!hahaha..pity them...

anyway, according to that guy, he said he is a world record holder n he could use his finger to poke through a coconut!

n i forgot his name!hahaha...

this is his banner... with some newspaper cuttings regarding his achievements..

yea.this is the guy! he was trying to concentrate n do some meditation before performing :)

see!he pierce his finger into the coconut!

actually i find this performance kinda after that he ws shouting in pain n all... i could nt stand to see it so i hide my face behind ah tiau!hahaha :P

seriously it was super scary k? :s

bt basicaly he was trying to tell ppl that after he do this kind of stunts n all, his medicated oil is so useful that he could cure all the injuries n pain in few minutes time.. n of course it was proven correct la! if nt he would have to pack his bag n go home liao lo....hehe

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