Thursday, December 2, 2010

surprise mini birthday party for wen yee

it was wen yee's birthday! so we (the family) planned to give her a mini surprised birthday party!!hehe (although we are in the middle of finals)haha

everyone gt excited (or mayb was it just me?lol.. i dunu..) when it comes to where to gt the cake? wat r we gona eat? cook? buy?? delivery??? we even went to survey th cake shop to see wat kind of cakes do they offer here..hahaha

so when the day comes...


we bought her a cake of course! birthday cake is a basic thing for a party rite?lol

don't u think its pretty? transported all the way frm sentral k? :)

top view :)

our plan:

1. called her to tell her to come over for early dinner :)
2. to make it more surprise..we were so bad dat we pretend nt to remember her birthday! no1 wished her!! she must b disappointed wif us :P
3. when she comes, sook khuan is suppose to miscall her when she reached downstairs so dat we wil light the candles n get ready behind the door
4.we locked the door so when she.. knock knock.... we go..SURPRISED!! n sing her birthday song!!hehe

super glad dat our plan goes on smoothly! did we make her surprised??

YES WE DID!! she was so pai seh dat her face turn red n she do not know how to react!!especially when we sang her birthday song i different version!!hahahaha

see her happy face!haha
like what the cantonese saying : siu tou kin nga ng kin ngan~ lol

making her birthday wish :)

ok. finally a decent pic of her n the cake. so in case u could nt see her face clearly just now.. *ahem* let me introduce her to u...dis is wen yee! :)

cake cutting!! XD

dis pic? a group pic for those who are already reached 20 yrs old... n... im in it!! T.T
feel so old already..sad sad....

me n yee teng aka copper! no idea wats da purpose of us taking dis pic dat time!haha
we ordered papa john's pizza that night! yum yum....

first time trying papa john's n it was delicious! XD
oh! n i cooked spaghetti too dat night!hehe bt was so busy wif everything that i forgot to snap a pic or 2 of it.... nvm...

it was a simple party bt i rely enjoyed myself (although it was nt my birthday)! hehe

last bt not least.. a family photo wif everyone inside!hehe
p/s: wen yee..if u r reading my blog..hope u enjoyed yourself n like the surprises that we made :)

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