Tuesday, December 28, 2010

yummylicious dim sum @ fu san, ipoh

yo! im back!! so u know wat im gona talk about today rite?

if yes means u r such a loyal follower of my blog! awwwwww........ i shud give u a big hugz!!!

anyway.. the topic of the day is dim sum! ^.^v

went for dim sum @ fu san, ipoh with the family few weeks ago! u must b thinking are we nutz or smth? drive all the way frm penang to ipoh just to eat the dim sum??haha

nola..we were not that nutz yet.. we drove down to genting highlands that day. so on the way there we drove to ipoh first to have our yummylicious dim sum first before heading to genting.hehe

the six of us! all cramp up in hyundai sonata.haha im trying to exagarate so i use the word cramp up.lol

me and mummy! muax muax!!

the traditional porcelain/ceramic cup for tea... i snap a pic of their nice teapot too! but blogger for some weird reason refused to let me upload that particular picture!haha

sui mai 1 ( pork based )

sui mai 2 (prawn based)

loh mai kai - glutinous rice smth smth..haha

har quin - fried prawn wrapped in beancurd skin

fried raddish cake

gigantic fishballs!! so big dat 1 fishballs can make me half full already!LOL
and im serious k?

prawn dumplings

wu kok. i love this!! its yam flavoured XD

fried chai kuih

and here comes the dessert time! i love their desserts! they are super creative on their desserts. creative in the sense of not only the look but the flovours and taste as well! way to go chef!! XD

dis is super delicious! the skin outside is smth like our snow skin mooncake. the skin is then used to wrapped up chicken floss, cucumber and walnut. lastly glazed with a generous amount of honeydew sauce on top!!

im hungry already! :S

ma tai ko. although the pic of it looks dull and normal bt mind u..the taste is absolutely delicious! its on high demand til everyone one grabs it once its push out of the kitchen!
ok.let me tell u one taboo when u go for dim sum dere. never never never sit on the second floor! never! cz we did! and its soo hard for us to grab all those yummylicious dim sum cz their kitchen is downstairs. once the food is pushed out frm the kitchen... everyone frm downstairs would have grab it already. in other words, all good food will never get a chance to go upstairs!! pfffffffft!!!!!

egg tarts! cousin love it but me no likey...

this is good! but i dunu wats da name!haha

almost the same with the one u saw in the first pic. the difference is dat the skin is yam flavoured wrapped wif either banana or sweet potato and black sesame. they stil glazed it wif honeydew sauce though

their interior design! big big caligraphy!!

the spiral stairs!

so many ppl! and its weekdays!!

cousin wanted to snap a pic of the alley and i photo bombed her! :P

they even have take away counter! so effision rite?

after all the yummilicious breakfast... ipoh gave us a souvenier!

nah! saman frm MBI for parking on the yelllow line! LOL

we were to desparate to get a carpark so that we can go down and nom nom the dim sum that we just parked our car right in front of the restaurant!!haha

p/s: its so happen that we saw and were sitting 2 tables away frm our malaysia team badminton player! they were so shy that they sat at a super corner and sort of hide their face when we look at them!haha

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