Wednesday, December 22, 2010

happy tang-yuan day everyone!!

hie hie!! im back!! enjoyed myself to the fullest bt obviously lack of sleep.. panda eyes are conquering my face as usual!haha

so did anyone miss me over here?? XD

btw, today is no any normal wednesday. its a special wednesday. do u noe wats so special wif it?? guess n c..

no. i know u r gona tell me its gsc movie day or mayb baskin robin pink day.. but no! dats not the ans.. =="

today is the tang yuan day. an important day to the chinese it seem... in short, its the day we eat / being force (my case la..) to eat tang yuan

if u wana know the history n bla bla bla..just google it ok? =.=

as usual the night before i'll help mummy to make the tiny tang yuan.. bt dis year the quality control on the shapes n sizes a bit out lo.. cz we both were super drop dead tired after coming back home... n we both were lack of u could just imagine the half close eyes making the tiny tang yuan!haha

oh! like wat i said earlier..i was always being force to eat tang yuan.. i dun rely like tang yuan.. ><
it taste like flour to me.. its basically some colourful glutinouss ball that comes wif sugar syrup served either hot or cold.. the syrup is forever too sweet for me.. and the balls taste like flour(ok. i just said that twice..but its true.. :s)

so for this year..mummy made a lil twist to the traditional recipe so that i can eat them happily! XD


no more super sweet syrup as the soup! HAPPY!!!

mummy replace it with her home cook soya bean milk as the base! the soya bean milk taste not too sweet n just nice to cover the flour taste of the glutinous balls! so.. thumbs up for mummy!
its definitely nicer than the traditional recipe!hehe

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