Tuesday, December 14, 2010

i miss lab session - part 2

this is the most memorable experiment! cz we hav to dress up like an astronaut! lol
thats cz we hav to deal we super high temperature stuff so..for safety precaution we need to dress up like this

im suppose to wear the head gear too for a complete set.. bt i was too pai seh to wear it just to snap pic cz everyone is looking at me! hehe

see! it super hot in there. btw, this experiment is called heat treatment. u know the one u watch in movies or drama where ppl use this method to make glass or sword n etc ??
its 906 degree celcius btw!
so if u wana put smth in.. u hav to use the clipper thing n wear gloves unless u wana hv grilled hands up to perfection * reminds me of kenny rogers suddenly..lol *

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