Friday, December 10, 2010

do u believe dat i chopped my hair til so short??


ok.i lied :P

i did went to chopped my hair the other day. bt chopped til so short? no way!! i love my hair and i would not let go of my hair easily..hehe

so dis is how i look like now :)



tadah! no more curls for me... n i kinda missed my curls now :(
anyway, wat do u think bout my new hair cut? with bangs n no more curly hair.hehe
oh! so umust be i manage to snap a phot of myself with such super short hair rite? mind you.its my original hair.. not wig k?hehe
since my hairstlist super layered my hair... so when i tied my hair losely..the super short part wil tend to... flow/drop/fly (could not figure wat word to watever la..u get wat i meant rite??) down... thus giving the bob hair cut look!haha among those 3 hairstyle..which one do u think suits me the most?
1. my previous long curly hair ( my facebook profile pic)
2. my apperently fake bob hair (pic on my previous post)
3. my current wavy shorter hair (the above pic)
p/s: i secretly wanted to cut my hair dat short (the one i posted on the revious post) bt mummy said i look ugly with that hairstyle... :(

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