Thursday, December 30, 2010

fun time is over~

believe it or not?

1. my holidays are over and its now time to go back to malacca~ so sad rite?
why all good things must always come to an end so fast wan~~~~~~~~~~~~

2. 1 sem already passed and its sem2 is about to start dis monday.. am i ready for it yet? i really i dunu wat to expect this time? bt 1 thing for sure is that my timetable will more packed for this more time to relax and laze around in the hostel..haiz..

3. according to my new class starts as early as 8. this means the shuttle bus wil come n pick us up at 7am..and my beauty sleep ends at 6am!! arghhh....and i hav class every single day!!! before this, im awayz free on thursday and fri.. bt looks like now not only i hav class on both days..these classes drags til late in the evening... bo hoo.....

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