Wednesday, January 5, 2011

bye bye 2010 and hello 2011!!

hie everyone!!

happy belated x5 new year! LOL

wishing all of you a great year ahead and success always!!

to all my loyal readers, thanks for stopping by to hear my nonsense all the time! :)

to new readers...

hie! dis is me! in case u dunu who am i. LOL
and welcome to my blog! :)

so yea...this is my first blog of the year!!hehe
the year 2010 in a nutshell is indeed a great year for me! i must say that i truky enjoyed myself a lot last year despite facing many changes and challenges in my life..
hmm..that particular year made the biggest changes in my life to be exact! why?
1. gt my FIRST choice of course and also in the public university that i wanted! yea!its like double bingo for me.. im seriously very grateful and thankful for being offered this course! oh! in case u doing degree in mechanical engineering major in design and innovation right now.
so now u may wonder..what? mechanical enginering for a girl? are u nutz or smth? well..i would say..its 21st century now..and girls and guys are all equal aren't they?hehe
2. first time in my entire life to leave my hometown and stay all by myself in a new place called malacca!
call me pampered brat or smth bt thats true... :( im forever stuck in penang island that i think i've been to seberang perai (mainland) less than 10 times in my entire life!LOL
so travelling all the way south living alone without any relatives here in malacca was a challenge to me at first.. However, thank Buddha that i've pull it through and in fact enjoying myself here!xD
3. i survived sem1!haha
to be honest..i was afraid and do not noe what to expact cz the word enginnering sounds bold n tough to me!bt only Buddha knows wat went wrong wif my brain that i picked this course as my first choice in the end and survived sem1.LOL
4. not to forget, the working experience i've gained as part timer.
in 6mths time, i've managed to expereinced working as a part timer in 3 total different field!
i've worked in a perfume shop and also as a brand ambassador for both nestle nescafe and friskies pet food!LOL
its like few mth u wear pretty clothes and work at air-con perfume shop then suddenly u r off preparing samples of nescafe in supermarket and promoting them and follow by promoting pet food in supermarkets!haha
so...after reading all this, don't u think that 2010 is indeed a remarkable and interesting year for me?xD
i will always remember all the wonderful things that happened in the year 2010 in my heart. but at the same time i should move on and welcome the year 2011 wif open arm! rely hope that this year would turn out to be better year than 2010. *crossed finger*

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