Saturday, October 2, 2010

what happened?

* shocked* am i visiting the correct blog?? y does it look different now?

dun worry. you are still in the correct place :)

was bored of the old one. so decided to renovate my bloggie! * big wide smile*

in case you havent notice, i have added a new page : random facts about X-daphne-X

so for those of you who thinks that you have already know me well, you can go n double check if the image of me in your mind matches the my real person :)

those who wana know me better, feel free to check it out. will update it from time time. and will make the list goes on as time passes.hehe

besides, there is a new column on your right where i post random photos which fascinates me. but psst.. im easily fascinated. so... em.. just have a look la har..hehe

gona add more stuff soon. so stay tuned!



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