Wednesday, October 6, 2010

how i celebrate moonfest dis year :)

see! im such a good blogger! i even come all the way to report in to my blog although im superly busy nowadays... i cant recall when is the last time i sleep before 12am :( there goes my beauty sleep..haiz..


okok.cut the crap n complain.. lets talk about something fun today, alright?

how bout the super belated mooncake festival?

so as we all know, mooncake festival falls on Wednesday dis year.. d word Wednesday has already reduces 50% of the fun d..

but its alright, we can always celebrate it later and have our own belated mooncake festival rite?hehe

so this is how i celebrated my super super belated mooncake festival in uni ^^

this is definitely my first time celebrating moonfest with whole bunch of friends n wat more out of my hometown..

do i sound miserable? neh.. i was having fun the whole time instead.haha

lets make the pics do the talking alright? :)

(p/s: photos are repeated from those i posted up in fb..sry ya)

while waiting for uni shuttle bus. realised that all of us were wearing jeans n decided to snap a pic of it!lol

the whole event was held in the sports complex. so this is the backdrop :)

i find it very pweeety!! if im not wrong, its hand painted wan k? *applause to the artist *

self-note: i has been a while since i last painted.. :(

the first booth we went. its caligraphy booth. so this is my first chinese caligraphy!hehe

do not know wat to write so they gave me this paper to copy. so i so suka hati just copy lo.without knowing what im copying!lol!!

friends laught at the way i hold the i hold it like as though im writting will ball point pen!haha

hmm.. the chinese caligraphy thing is like drawing

its like u look at the paper, then u see lo.. 1 line r..den draw 1 line lo..den eh? got box r? draw a box lo.hahaha

thats how i imitate.laugh at myself!!

so this is the outcome!hehe like some kindergarden students' writting rite?i see others writting like so artistic k? mine r? like tak cukup nutricient lidat!!haha

next station is the lantern making station!hehe was giving paper plates n latern paper to make a lantern. had no idea wat to do with it.. so ended up cutting my name out. and i have to "peace" sign on my lantern wan k? modern le?hehe

oh! this is some exhibition booth for traditional instrument. this look like guitar to me.. but i do not wat is it called!haha

so decided to make a twist on it n turn it into a electric guitar!!lol

so this is my band!lol

then we saw this old-fashion umbrella.. got excited and took pic with it!haha

the person in charged look at us with this expression.... O.o??

umbrella also so excited r kinda look!lol

games booth! this is the maze. we are suppose to blow the coloures water to the X point :)

competing wif yee teng to see who finish the game 1st :)

wen yee :)

wei yee and pui ling :)

shooting game! sumore can pai pose before the games

later in the evening, paper lanterns were distributed. we were suppose to go tour around the uni.. but.. unfortunately, it started to rain like crazy! so ended up walking around in the complex nia..hahaha

so add some spice to the boring-walk-in-circles-holding-paper-lanterns... we started running around and blowing everyone's lantern!!muahaha

yea..we were so evil dat time.hehe

i got pink lantern!!! :))))) n the candle i got is pink incolour also!!! double :))))))))))))))))

but due to the candle light, i look like a pink gh**t in the pic above! :(

a pic with wen theng aka XIAO XIAO TIAU! XD

oh no! my hair like siao cha bo lidat.. *smack myself*

our lanterns!! i love the colours in the dark!!!

i ended up with 2 lanterns that night! so happieee!!!

(could not remember when was the last time i got myself a lantern :S )

came home wet due to the heavy rain that nite. was shivering like crazy in the air-con bus and got headache when reach home :(

BUT, i enjoyed myself to the max that night!! :D

so it was kinda worth it actually.hehe

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