Friday, October 15, 2010

breakfast @ kp2

this is my first time having breakfast in kp (kafeteria pelajar) :)
i dun usually take such heavy food for breakfast but i do not have any other choice besides it so oh well... just eat lo
guess what i had?

its spagetti wif deep fried crabstick! our cafeteria is so 'in' that they served breakfast range from western to oriental!lol

n the best part is.. its superly cheap!

guess how much is my spagetti?

for a plate like dis, it only cost u RM1.60!!!

if i were to go eat outside, with RM1.60 i would end up with mayb a plate of raw spagetti without sauce?

sooooooooooo cheap rite?haha

however, the taste of it was ok ok only la.. wat do u expact frm a RM1.60 spagetti rite?lol

p/s: i was refering to cafeteria 2 ok? the new cafe vendor :)

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