Thursday, October 7, 2010

exploring de-frindster cafe

was going through the photos in my hp n realised that i have not blog about this!haha

went to explore this place called de-friendster cafe @ bbbazaar, malacca the other time. actually our main to explore this placewas because they provide us free wifi!haha and their wifi is superly fast. therefore its the best place to download movie!hehe

anyway, to me, this restaurant is like another version of Kim Gary but wif less variety to choose from lo...

so this is their menu :)

most of us wanted to try somthing western so ended up ordering most of the food frm this

the environment :) kinda cozy in here.hehe

here comes our food!

my all time favourite milk tea!hehe

iced blended sour sop juice if im not mistaken

iced blended chocolate


shanghai something something! cannot remember

mine. but i could not remember wat i ordered d.hahaha

the food was at the ok-ok-state nia to me. but was super full after i finish up my portion. however, the others was not full so decided togo for second helping.

they ordered french fries to be shared among them :)

and 2 french toast! the french toast looks tempting i know..hehe
while waiting for them to eat i hav nothing better to do. so i decided to snap pics of them!muahaha

yee teng n wen yee wif their french toast :)

pui ling n wei yee with another french toast :)

a photo wif my roommate. excuse me for the bad hair day. for some unknwn reason, my hair looks poof-fy n fake :(

decided to cheers after we almost finish our drinks! =.="'
it must be my insane

after finishing everything, our movie stil could not finish downloading..(remember our main purpose of going there)
so no choice hav to wait dere..
waiting is boring. so wat else can we do besides camwhoring?haha
n we manage to make a series of shots sumore storyline also :P

so this is me n wei yee. one day, we came across a plate of al-mighty yucky leftover food on the table. we were so amazed that we when.. "oooo!!!uuuuuuuu! wa!!!!!!!" at it..

then an evil plan strikes wei yee's mind that she decided to...

force mw to eat that yucky wormy thing!! ewwwwwww....
see her evil
was trying my very best to escape n avoid the wormy thing until....

i be tahan, took the stirer n convert it into a sumurai sword to fight back! wei yee realised and convert hers into a sword too! then we start fighting!!! *ching chiang ching chiang*

stil fighting!! i almost defeat wei yee d!muahaha!!!

and oops! i stabbed her in the stomach unaccidently!lol
you got me right. unaccidently is the word! :P

wif all my mighty strength..i killed her!hehe

the end!

applause please ;)

credits to both the actress!hehe
hey! wats the auntie doing behind us.she ruin our happy ending d ler...

bt anyways, after all that, our movie berjaya didownload!hapiee!!!
now lets go home n enjoy leverage shall we? :P

so i shall end this post wif another vain picture of me n my all-time-favourite milk tea!
*big wide smile*

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