Wednesday, October 20, 2010

goodbye haze! :D

Fiuh!!! big relieve! finally the rain has come to save innocent earthlings like me XD

after sooooooooooo many hours of air intoxification.. finally buddha decided to grant us some rain to shoo mr.haze away!hehe





now at least i can see the buildings! no more genting misty look! no more yucky burnt air for my lungs at last :DDDDDD

however after the heavy down pour, the sun starts to show off his power! it became so glaring n hoooooot!!

its burning hot to be exact! :(

was wearing black jeans today n while i was walking from my lecture hall to the library i can feel as though my legs are burning. obviously my pants are absorbing the heat like nobody's business...

if the suns goes on like this.. IM SOOOOOOOO GONA MELT I TELL U! T.T

but anyways, thanks Buddha for shoo-ing the haze away! *wink*

p/s: sorry for being greedy, Buddha. but do u mind to turn the heat from the sun down a little? im BBQed + melting away. thanks! AMITABHA!

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