Sunday, June 19, 2011

more ranting today....

hey everyone~ sorry for disappearing for some time... like wat i've said in previous post..smth went wrong wif my account n i could not sign in for the pass few weeks i guess....and it just kills my blogging mood off!!!

so i guess today i wil be ranting here and some how get my blogging mood back?LOL

oh ya! in case ur stil back in penang..almost 1 month already! bt dun worry...not going back to malacca dat soon yet... so if anyone wana date me den just text me or give me a call ya?xD

so in order to prevent my brain cells from rotting like a piece of expired gardenia bread..i choose to get a part time job!

and this time i've decided to do smth sales or marketing bt more to paper work job!haha i dunu why? bt i like to try different different field when i work part time..dun really like to go back to da same field unless they offer really good pay!xP ya ya..for sure u r gona say im money face wan~ bt put aside experience, $$ is almost one of the most important factor at the end of the day when u received pay cheque rite?hehe

thinking back..i think i've work in quite a number of place before!haha bt the experience that i've got was really useful for least i know how different company manage their business and staff rite? and also i hav rough figure on how the world is i guess im already 1 step closer to the working life once i step my feet into the uni..

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