Wednesday, October 19, 2011

my art piece is in USM school of art!!

still remember this???

yea! my STPM masterpiece~

wondering y im posting it up again?hehe

cause my oil paint is now exhibited in USM school of art!!! *proud*

it has been few years now ( u noe im bt they stil keep? wow!

i wana go USM n visit my art piece!!!! and mayb snap a pic or 2 with it.. i wan i wan!!!

*masterpiece stay there n when i go back to penang i will find u! xoxo~


  1. wao.. u draw this? so nice.....

  2. eyh y u didn't post the cacated-most-recent-picture of it? XP

  3. daphne2boontat:

    yup!^^v thx!
    it was my stpm coursework for seni visual last time actually...

  4. daphne2moo-sew:

    good idea! wait! in next post~ :P