Sunday, March 6, 2011

genting part 3 ~

so who says u cant find good food in genting?raise up ur hand pls....hehe

r u sure?? cz i dont think this statement is true...hmm..mayb u should explore genting thoroughly next time cz i did have good food the last trip~ xD

some of the photos taken to temp your taste bud! =D

the pastries are soooo shiny.this is making the drum in my tummy to start playing~haha

and this one is basically telling me : eat me!! lol

don't you think the desserts are pweetttty? hehe

went there during xmas season...thus explains the christmas candy n all..hehe

our thumbs up latte!hehe

so? do you agree with me that u can stil find good food in genting?xD

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