Thursday, March 24, 2011

where did my time fly to???

fiuh... 1 presentation went many more coming up... ><

so many things to finish up bt too little time given! i always feel so...
bt as i wander..m i the only one who feel so? or every1 is basically going through the same thing and experience as me?

i start counting down the amount of work i've completed or done this to my surprise i couldn't recall anything big or significant dat took up most of my time n energy... okla..mayb besides helping out in Spring Fest and all..i rely couldn't figure out where my time flew to...

it has been a long time since i last feel energised or recharged...sleeping to me now is like an extra bonus for busy dat i cant even find a proper time to rest wat more to sleep??
guess wat? i can even dosed off while typing my assignment ...or worst stil while holding my notes... cz i dont even realised dat i've already fell asleep! ><

cant wait for the day when everything is over~

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