Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ever had this feeling??

* quote was taken from facebook

hav u ever had this feeling before?

the feeling sure is awful isnt it?
yes, i believe so..
this person were so nice to you..
but you felt its normal due to da friendly-ness..

the whole world start to think n see it in a different way..
story telling session..
they tell u their assumptions and make it as tho its so real...

til u started to think,
do i mean smth to that person?
or is it just some act of friendly-ness?
then u start to get confuse on every act..
and million question start popping out in your mind..
you could not find the answer..
left with no choice bt to answer your own question

telling youself..
enough is enough!
dun assume!

seeking for the answer...

bt end up with no answer!
*big SIGH! *

1 comment:

  1. It's because you always live in denial. The person is treating you negatively, but you still don't wanna accept it. If the person is not treating you well, that's not friend. True friend can feel easily, if the person is bothering you, why still wanna walk that way.