Monday, October 10, 2011


today's lecture was a little different! our lecturer change the venue to a park instead of the same old lecture hall...

i find it interesting tho~ park! lots of fresh air that kept my brain cells working..and also playground for me to play!!! when was the last last time i sat on the swing??hmm...

at least im nt sleepy today during today's lecture..if today's lesson were to be in lecture hall, i would have doze off as usual in da middle of class.. :p

the park near ZOO malacca! xD

if only the transport problem thing is solved..then i would prefer n look forward for more classes to be held outside lecture hall.. :)


  1. wat class u having? so funy? ahhaha

  2. design..he told us randomly last week..we tot he was just joking until we call him 1 hr b4 class..LOL

  3. Haha... We just expect to finish class as earlier as we can.. Haha