Thursday, September 29, 2011


im back!

had been busy with all sorts of stuff in uni lately... lots of meeting, gatherings and what not..causing me lack of sleep n walk to class like zombie everyday..

i secretly suspect stefan frm vampire diaries sneak in my room and suck blood..dats y im forever tired da next morning...

bt anyway, im back wif a happy mood today. finally no more meetings late at nite! ^^v

apart frm that, i think i've finally learn to let go! n stop guessing and answering on behalf of others on those question i myself asked... n mayb i think too much..

i just cant explain this feeling of joy i had and definitely words cant describe it out! just be happy for me n share the joy, will u? xD

watever is urs wil always be urs....n dun assume stuff cz ur not god! :)




*big smile*

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