Thursday, June 10, 2010


got a new mousie already! hehe

i love my new mousie very muchie! and oh oh..i forget to say this.. its Pink!!!!

baby pink! my favourite! went to few computer shops to searching and could not find the mouse i wanted..

just as i was about to give up.. i saw it!!! from the first moment i saw it... i noe this is 'the' one!

my zaman dinosaur mouse! it doesnt even have the usb thing...

off it goes to the 'sam pah tang'

i hearts hearts the blue and pink light!! the lights will be on once the computer is switch on :)

and once it senses movement.. POP! the lights turns red!! awww.... isnt it cute?hehe

shocked! i have finally found you!! 'the' mouse!!

and a BIG BIG MUAX!!!

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