Monday, June 14, 2010

auntie-nephew outing?

looks like im 4 days behind time. and now im blogging about smth that happened 4 days ago...
i noe.. i noe.. im a slow poke... i never deny it tho?

oh well..whatever.. who cares? *evil laughter*

1oth of june? what did i do? i hang out with my nephew! NEPHEW? yes! you got me right! stop rubbing your eyes.. you read the right word..

the hanging out sessions was supposed to be with my 2 other cousins as well... but janice the mong mong cha cha wan, just realise that she got tuition and driving lessons on that day..
so it ended up with only me n edmund..

the night before i went for a sleep over in his house sumore k? yeng leh?haha

anyway, thanks to edmund's useful information( he said aiya...qb will be open by 10am wan ler).. we woke early and got ourself ready. we did not even have our breakfast and off we go to queensbay!

to our super surprise, queens bay wasnt even open when we reached there ( around 10smth)!

even the workers also belum sampai ler.... haiyoyo...luckily the main entrance was least the air-con is on...haha

basically we walked around the whole qb for dunu how many rounds then the shops only start to open.. at first we wanted to catch the 11.30am show.. and to our surprise again, gsc only starts its business at 11am.. the q was so long and we changed our mind to 2.30pm show instead.

had lunch at kenny that day!hehe

mine : cappuccino

edmund's : iced lemon tea

my banana muffin! edmund chose chocolate muffin but i guess he was over hungry that once the waiter put down the muffin, he started nom-ing away the muffin

edmund's : chicken macaroni cheese

mine: quarter meal! i find the portion kinda big..

after that? movie time!

karate kids

we went to the cinema at 2.15 and got all excited. we waited til 2.30pm cun cun only the let us in

c la... every other show that starts at the same time or even later can go in already... evil...

later in the evening..went out to have thai food at dinner

the menu. n oh.. if u realise, it says chef from thailand

all ready waiting for the food to come

sneak preview on what to expect

their so called salad for appetizer... i was like huh? this is appetizer? err.. okk...

but anyway, the sambal was kinda nice o

tomyam seafood.
if you go for thai food, dont you think your meal isnt complete without a bowl of tomyam?

anada must-try item. kerabu mango.

fried beans sprout with salted fish.

huh!dont look down on humble little plate of bean sprout k? it taste different from the one you cook at home. their sauce are different and even the bean sprout looks different too

pandan chicken
oh my my my.... this is delicious..

seafood otak-otak ( btw i called it brain brain!)

according to the prof daphne, this dish will definitely make you smarter after consuming it.

the hypothesis :

the more brain brain you eat, the faster you brain grow.
the faster your brain grow, the smarter you become!

you see, bigger brain means you can stuff more thing in it mer... you noe what i mean?

ei? wait! alamak i forget to snap a dish! its the GREEN CURRY! im bias! anyway, the green curry wasnt that nice. so no point taking the picture. guess that was what i tought at that moment.hehe

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