Thursday, June 24, 2010

new old town in town!

went to try out the new old town near my house the other day. it was random! rely..

i was driving the other day. then, i was like, eh?! old town open d! wana try?

and the next time i know was, holala im looking for a parking space to park my car!

this is how lit looks from outside

seriously, it was so random that i was wearing smth super casual.. smth like home clothes. basically so camp t-shirt and a pair of shorts!

and to emphasize on my lame dressing, basically the almost all the old town customer was in some kind of office wear! ( we went dere on weekdays and i was lunch time)

i think when we first walk in, mayb the waiters was thinking, " haiyoo..this gina kia got money eat old town bo wan?

seriosly, i rely think dat the waiter had that thought cz he keep on asking us are we ready to order in every 20sec, i guess!

but anyway this was wat we ordered..

xi mut milk tea! hearts this! yum yum...


curry chicken rice. they gave us nasi lemak for the rice and the curry was separated :)

the curry chicken. this is nais!!

ipoh hor fun

egg toast with kaya

polo bun with ham..

i hearts this too!! the bun is crunchy outside and soft inside

basically that was wat we ordered. full to the max after nom nom all those!

the menu with my sunnie

the order sheet. btw why do they call it order chit?

see. i told you, its new! theres a flower thing outside sumore

you can choose to sit outside instead. but no way im gona sit outside in the afternoon cz i'll melt......

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