Friday, June 11, 2010

1 now 1 nescafe

still remember my date with arabica and robusta?haha

oh well... i've been working for the past 2 weekends with them.. promoting them to be exact :)
for the past 2 weekends i was appointed to be the temporary nescafe brand ambassador!hehe

my job?

to promote the new nescafe classic to the public!

this is the one. make sure you buy the correct one ok?hehe


GIVE IN TO PURE COFFEE SENSATION. Introducing new NESCAFÉ® coffee extraction technology. A new way to slowly and carefully capture the true essence of coffee. Enjoy a whole new coffee sensation with new NESCAFÉ CLASSIC®, today.

my check list before working :)

nails : short and clean - checked

* for hygiene purposes, no nail polish are allowed... this explains why my nails are 'naked' nowadays..hehe

red nescafe cap - checked

hair : neat and tidy - checked

nescafe polo t - checked

cap put on - checked

apron - checked

long black slacks - checked

black covered shoes - checked
* i op for a black dolly shoes instead.hehe

a smile plastered on my face - checked

now im all ready to take up the job!

who says you cant have fun working?

what was i doing? thinking? sleeping? meditating?nah... i guess i was trying to be yeng ... but obviously i failed to the max.....


so how bout a cup of new nescafe classic?

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