Saturday, June 5, 2010

my masterpiece

recently, i had painted a large canvas! :)

media? i chose acrylic this time..hehe i had alwayz wanted to paint this piece of art since before STPM.. i cant explain the feeling..its just 'the' thing that i need to do after my exam.. my friends called it the 'click'!! haha u noe what i meant rite? oh..nvm... move on...

so i started painting this masterpiece somewhere in the end of feb this year.. i guess? haha.. cant even remember the exact date... as lazy and often got distracted that i only allocate tiney winey bit of time to paint it..haha definition of tiney winey is once a week.. u must be thinking..not least once a week and i spend the whole day painting it, rite? are so wrong!!

i only spent 2-3 hours dat particular day to paint it! such a procrastinator rite? oh well.. i do admit tho..

finally after few months.. i finally managed to finish my masterpiece!!

em..i actually finished painting this piece in the month of may :)

and of course i just have to take picture with it 'kao kao' before i sent it to the framing shop. its a MUST ya noe?

even mummy wana take picture with it.haha....

paying respect :)

mummy's turn :)

and off the painting went... to the framing shop!

after 4 or 5 days....

the return of the masterpiece!

sorry for the bad lighting..
photo was taken late at night without flash...

the timing for this whole process was so cun that my mum suggested to hang the painting up on wesak day, which was two days after the painting was framed.. so ngam o...

on wesak eve.. took the painting to the temple for the monks to bless. he sprinkle some holy water on the glass :)

when i reached home.. called the electrician to drill holes on the wall for us :)

finally after all the hard work... my masterpiece is up on the wall !! yay! *jump up high* you like it?